AEW Full Gear: Jon Moxley defeats Kenny Omega after a brutal bout; Renee Young left in a shocked state of mind

Jon Moxley battled and defeated Kenny Omega in a gruesome, hardcore Lights Out Unsanctioned match at AEW Full Gear and no one was more shocked by the brutality than Moxley's wife and WWE commentator, Renee Young. Check out Renee's tweets below.
Jon Moxey won a Lights Out Unsanctioned match against Kenny Omega. Jon Moxey won a Lights Out Unsanctioned match against Kenny Omega. 
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For weeks, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega have been at odds with each other, finding any excuse to bash the other up! Initially, the two were to tango inside the AEW ring in August, but because of Jon's staph infection, the match did not take place at AEW All Out. However, fans got to witness a brutal, gruesome and hardcore match between the two wrestlers at the recently held AEW Full Gear. The two competitors risked their own lives to defeat the other during the Lights Out Unsanctioned match.

Eventually, after getting brutalised through barbed wires and wooden boards, Moxley was able to defeat his foe, albeit it won't make it to the history books given the "unsanctioned" clause. While the AEW fans were in a state of disarray over how awesome the match was, no one was more shocked than Jon's wife and WWE commentator, Renee Young, who live-tweeted during Full Gear's main event. "My husband is handsome. Also a bad MFer," Renee gushed but when the match finally started, the worried wife in her added, "Wtf. Hi. Yes. Hello. I hate this. Seriously wtf." The WWE Backstage host ended the night by tweeting, "Anyways I hear Christmas Movies are a great palette cleanser. (Help!)"

Check out Renee's hilarious tweets below:

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It will be interesting to see how their feud will continue post the brutal unsanctioned match. One thing's for sure, it ain't over between Moxley and Omega, and we're "all in" for it!

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