After Justin Beiber, Hailey Baldwin & Kendall Jenner impress us with their #BottleCapChallenge videos

Justin Bieber nominated Hailey Baldwin for the #BottleCapChallenge. The model nailed it and nominated Kendall Jenner. The Jenner sister took things a notch higher with her video.
After Justin Beiber, Hailey Baldwin & Kendall Jenner impress us with their #BottleCapChallenge videosAfter Justin Beiber, Hailey Baldwin & Kendall Jenner impress us with their #BottleCapChallenge videos
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Unless you've been living under the rock or blissfully away from the world of social media, you must have come across the viral trend called #BottleCapChallenge. For the unversed, it is basically unscrewing the cap of a bottle in the most unconventional way possible. The most common being spinning the bottle cap off with the foot. From Ryan Reynolds to Mariah Carrey, the who's who of Hollywood is at it, making their own quirky versions of the #BottleCapChallenge. Just yesterday, we saw Justin Bieber nail the challenge in a video. And now, his wife Hailey Baldwin has hit home-run on the challenge. 

The model, who was nominated by Justin Bieber, took to Instagram to share a video of herself performing the challenge. The singer also nominated Tom Cruise while he performed his challenge. While Cruise hasn't accepted his challenge yet, Hailey did. Hailey is seen riding on a vehicle with one leg up in the air. The video set against M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls,” unscrewing the bottle's cap in one go. “Ok challenge accepted,” she captioned the clip, referring to Justin's Bottle Cap Challenge video. 

She went on to nominate Kendall Jenner and Justine Skye. Kylie Jenner took to the comments section to compliment Hailey's video. She wrote, "this is amazing."

Soon after, Kendall Jenner shared a video accepting Hailey's challenge. The Victoria's Secret model added her own twist to the challenge. She was seen riding a jet-ski and dressed in a pair of a neon bikini while completing the challenge. "you asked for it," she wrote, tagging Hailey in the video. "YYYYEESSSSSSSSSSS," Hailey reacted upon seeing the video. "Omg," added Kylie. "That’s my girrrrlllllllll," commented Khloe Kardashian. "This is so good!!!!!" reacted Kim Kardashian. "I’m crying," added Kourtney Kardashian. 

Check out the videos below: 



ok challenge accepted... I nominate @kendalljenner and @justineskye

A post shared by Hailey Rhode Bieber (@haileybieber) on



you asked for it @haileybieber ...

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Which of the two videos impressed you the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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