Aladdin: Here's what Will Smith has to say about Badshah's song Sab Sahi Hai Bro

Badshah recently released a song titled Sab Sahi Hai Bro, which will be a part of the Hindi version of Aladdin. Will Smith, who plays the role of Genie in Aladdin, has a special message for Badshah's song. Check it out below.
Will Smith sent out a very sweet message for Badshah on his Aladdin song, Sab Sahi Hai Bro.Will Smith sent out a very sweet message for Badshah on his Aladdin song, Sab Sahi Hai Bro.
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In a land far, far away, there once lived a pauper who became the prince. Any guesses as to who we are talking about? That's right! It's Aladdin. Reliving our childhood once again, we have Guy Ritchie's Aladdin, a thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of the most-loved animated classic. Aladdin is being played by Mena Massoud while the role of Jasmine is being portrayed by Naomi Scott. The highlight of the movie will be Will Smith, who essays the beloved Genie.

For the Hindi version of Aladdin, Badshah had released a single titled Sab Sahi Hai Bro, which is all about friendship goals. Badshah took to Instagram to reveal a video with a special message from Will on his song Sab Sahi Hai Bro. An excited Smith shared, "Badshah, great work man...that is beautiful...looking at the things you shot against what is in the movie...that is some good production you got going on there! It's funny when we were making the sequence,  what I kept saying to Guy (Ritchie, Director), it gotta be Bollywood level man...don't let the sequence not be Bollywood level! You know I always wanted to be in a Bollywood dance number this is beautiful, man. Thank you!!"

Check out Will's video below:

Badshah's caption reads as, "I guess big willy @willsmith paaji likes the song I did for Aladdin. In theatres 24th May!!! Its high time you do a proper Hollywood film, sir!!!"

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Aladdin releases in India on May 24, 2019, in English, Hindi Tamil and Telugu.

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