Alex Rodriguez OPENS UP on his split with Jennifer Lopez; Says he is 'grateful for the last five years'

Updated on Aug 18, 2021 01:52 AM IST  |  113.7K
Alex Rodriguez has revealed his stance on his split with Jennifer Lopez.
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have recently split up after staying together for five years.

Baseball star Alex Rodriguez has recently shared his take on his unexpected split with Jenny from the Block singer Jennifer Lopez. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, ARod has revealed that he is focusing on ‘all the positive’ things surrounding his life. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez started dating in 2017, and split up in 2021.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Rodriguez said that he had "five years of an incredible life and partnership" with Jennifer Lopez. He also mentioned that along with him, his daughters have also 'learned' a lot from the split and also in the five years that the two have been together. Rodriguez mentioned that his daughter and he have the 'opportunity ' to 'move forward.' "And now we have the opportunity to take that and move forward and say, 'You know what? We're so grateful for the last five years, how do we make the next five years better because of lessons learned?,'" he shared.

The baseball star has also confirmed that he is 'in a great place.' Opening up on his current situation, he only wished for his daughters to 'keep developing.' "I'm so grateful for where God and the light has really put me, and I'm really looking forward. Mostly to see how my girls keep developing," ARod added.

Meanwhile, amid romance with Ben Affleck, Lopez took a bold step to remove Alex Rodriguez' memories from her official Instagram account. She even made sure to unfollow her ex Arod, however, the latter didn't take any drastic step such as unfollow JLo from his official social media.

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