Alison Brie gets candid on lockdown life with Dave Franco; Says they ‘really bonded & feel closer than ever’

Alison Brie recently revealed what her quarantine was like with her husband Dave Franco. Scroll down to see what the actress had to say.
Alison Brie gets candid on lockdown life with Dave Franco Alison Brie gets candid on lockdown life with Dave Franco; Says they ‘really bonded & feel closer than ever’
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Actress Alison Brie recently got candid about her lockdown life with husband  Dave Franco. In a new interview with People magazine, the 38-year-old GLOW actress opened up about isolating with the 35-year-old actor, admitting that she had a lot of mixed emotions at the beginning of the pandemic last spring. “It all really ebbed and flowed, I guess, because none of us knew how long it was going to last,” Alison shared. “Dave and I went through the first couple months in party mode, thinking we’re on vacation — let’s drink wine, let’s make a lot of pasta. And then we like, it’s going on for longer, so let’s go into a culinary experimental mode where we’re trying to make new dishes and things like that.”


After that Alison and Dave were able to get into their own little groove to make the best of the situation. “And then we got into health mode, and then we also were in creative mode, and we were doing a lot of writing together,” Alison said. “So, I mean, I think we feel closer than ever.”


Alison went on to share how she and Dave enjoyed quarantining together because they were finally able to spend time together, something they didn’t often do because of their busy schedules. “We feel really bonded, and we just an amazing year getting time together to hang out,” Alison explained. “There were also a lot of really hard things going on in our country, and it was also a really reflective time and a time to learn and hopefully grow in different ways. I guess I’m glad that we were able to be grateful for the time while we had it.”


Alison continued, “Even though our mental state was also ebbing and flowing, we did have an awareness of, we don’t always get this much time together, so let’s really try to enjoy one another and read stuff and learn, and also chill and give ourselves a break.” “I do think it gave us some perspective too, just the way that we were prioritizing work before and moving so, so quickly,” Alison said. “We probably will get back to that state, but right now, it feels we’re easing back in, being like, ‘Okay, we don’t have to do everything.’ We can decide the important things.”


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