Amber Heard SLAMS Johnny Depp fans who trolled her for being a ‘gold digger’; Claps back with SAVAGE reactions

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Amber Heard SLAMS Johnny Depp fans who trolled her for being a ‘gold digger’; Claps back with SAVAGE reactions

Actress Amber Heard who recently went through a very public and controversial breakup and legal suit against ex-husband Johnny Depp, is now is personally replying to Depp‘s fans who have been sending her negative messages on social media amidst the former couple’s ongoing legal battles.


For the unversed, the former flames were part of a legal suit filed by Johnny against The Sun for calling him a “wife-beater.” After the duo individually presented their sides, Johnny lost his attempt to have a retrial in the case in the UK. There still is the defamation case in the U.S. that will happen this year. Depp is suing Heard for defamation in Virginia courts over a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post in which she called herself a survivor of domestic abuse, although she never mentioned Depp by name. The actor is seeking USD 50 million in damages.


Months after the suit was ruled in Amber’s favour, the Aquaman actress took to Twitter to diss Johnny‘s lawyer by calling him short and now she’s also sending messages to fans who are saying things to her. One fan replied to the diss and said, “I’d rather be short than an abusive gold digger.” Amber responded and said, “It’s good to be realistic with your goals.”


She also wrote back to a few other fans of Johnny. When one wrote “The only reason why JD lost his case is bc he was up against Rupert Murdock, not Amanda Heard. So in VA, it's gonna be vastly different....” Amber immediately hit back by saying: “It must be so hard.”


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Anonymous : of course she is a gold digger. Otherwise who was she next to the towering stature of Mr. Johnny Depp when she married him?. Nothing. Just a bi*bo.
REPLY 1 3 months ago
Anonymous : And I guess you didn't saw the fans reply and she blocked on twitter for that reply. Amber Heard didn't say it's must be so hard to that tweet, I guess your analytical skills are flawed, Amber Heard replied "it's good to be realistic with your goals, there is nothing wrong with it" to the gold digger comment and She is a gold digger, Forgot the tape where she confessed that she was the abuser all along ? And her photoshoot a day after the claim that she had " *bruised Ribs*, two Black eyes, broken nose, cuts on lips, bruises all over the body" but in that photos we found no trace of any physical harm and she was in James corden talk show without any harm. So shut you blind feminist site.
REPLY 4 3 months ago
Anonymous : Seriously? He's the BIG CAHUNA that brought her down to eye level, she's so busy putting herself on a pedestal!
REPLY 8 3 months ago
Anonymous : She's not a gold digger just a liar about what she did with the money in a court of law.
REPLY 6 3 months ago