Amber Heard's lawyer responds to claims of the actress being investigated for perjury in Johnny Depp case

Amber Heard's lawyer releases a statement denying the actress being under investigation for perjury in Johnny Depp case.
Amber Heard's lawyer denies a perjury investigation against the actress Amber Heard's lawyer releases a statement on claims of perjury investigation against her
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Amber Heard's legal team has now responded to the reports claiming that the actress is being investigated for perjury by the Los Angeles Police relating to her alleged abuse case against ex-husband Johnny Depp. Clarifying reports that claimed Heard could face jail time if found guilty in the perjury case, the actress's lawyer denied any such investigation and also stated that LAPD has "repeatedly denied there's any investigation of Amber Heard." 

The Aquaman actress' lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft further denied the claims saying, "The statute of limitations for perjury in California is three years and has long since expired, so an investigation, much less charges, much less a conviction, much less jail time, are impossibilities", via Radar Online. 

Heard's lawyer also accused Depp's legal team of "trying to stir up the press and prejudice a future jury" amid responding to the perjury claims. It was also reported by Radar Online that LAPD in a statement said they had never heard of the department investigating a perjury case before.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's Virginia defamation case is certainly getting trickier. Previously, Johnny filed a lawsuit against the American Civil Liberties Union, seeking proof of Amber Heard's donation from her divorce settlement. The lawsuit has been filed concerning the defamation lawsuit that the ex-couple will appear in court for in April 2022. 

Earlier, Depp and Heard faced each other in court for the actor's libel case against a UK tabloid over 'wife-beater' claim which Depp lost after the judge ruled in favour of the defendants saying they had shown what they published was "substantially true."

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