Amid heated divorce battle with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie finds her Those Who Wish Me Dead character 'healing'

In a recent interview, Angelina Jolie shed light on her Those Who Wish Me Dead character Hannah Faber and how "she's a very broken person who carries a great deal of guilt."
Angelina Jolie's Those Who Wish Me Dead releases on May 14 Angelina Jolie reveals Those Who Wish Me Dead is a "really emotional film."
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Angelina Jolie made headlines recently when she revealed that "change" in her family situation with Brad Pitt obliged her to take on more acting roles and next month, fans will be in for a treat as the 45-year-old actress returns to her action avatar roots with Those Who Wish Me Dead. In Taylor Sheridan's directorial, Angelina plays Hannah Faber, who is a smoke jumper grappling with PTSD.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, from the sets of Those Who Wish Me Dead, Jolie expressed why her character was "very healing" for her. Talking about how Hannah is "a very broken person" carrying "a great deal of guilt" inside her, Angie confessed, "I am drawn to people who have been through something and are broken and then find their way forward and overcome it," before adding, "As an artist, it's very healing to play people like that. She's been very healing for me, because you just get so broken and then you stand back up."

When it comes to Those Who Wish Me Dead, while Angelina acknowledges that the movie feels like "a great thriller, a great adventure across an unusual terrain inside a great fire" on its surface, underneath it, "it's really emotional film." Jolie elaborates to ET that Those Who Wish Me Dead is "about people who have a great impact on each other and change each other. Emotionally and practically, they got through the fire."

You can check out the thrilling trailer of Those Who Wish Me Dead below:

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Meanwhile, Those Who Wish Me Dead is slated to release in the US on May 14.

Here is some INTERESTING trivia about Angelina Jolie's Hollywood career:

Angelina Jolie made her Hollywood debut in which film?
Angelina Jolie made her screen debut in her father Jon Voight's film Lookin' to Get Out in 1982.

Has Angelina Jolie ever won an Oscar?
Angelina Jolie won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Girl, Interrupted.

Which movies have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt starred together in?
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have starred in two movies together - Mr. & Mrs. Smith and By The Sea.

Which character does Angelina Jolie play in Eternals?
Angelina Jolie will make her MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) debut as Thena in Eternals.

Anonymous 2 months ago

She stopped doing parental alienation

Anonymous 2 months ago

She really hasn't aged well.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I am very interested in this movie. We already bought our tickets. We are fans of Angelina Jolie. I hope this movie does very well.

Anonymous 2 months ago

she needs him to sell her movie that no one will see . move on. i see you are not posting my comments. i will comment on twitter

Anonymous 2 months ago

She loves being the victim

Anonymous 2 months ago

I'm not interested in this movie. Good to see Tyler Perry on film again but we don't have any interest in Angelina since she took Brad's children from him. We don't like her because she is selfish . Thank goodness Pitt's family is supporting him emotionally...

Anonymous 2 months ago

I hope angelinas movie does well. How do you know she took brads children from him? My friends and I are fans of Angelina Jolie. Who told you pitts family is supporting him? We don’t know the details so leave them alone. I hope they work it out.