Amid trust issues that led to the breakup, Alex Rodriguez has 'high hopes' of reconciling with Jennifer Lopez?

According to a source report, Alex Rodriguez is doing anything in his power to make ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez "happy."
Jennifer Lopez was reportedly not happy for a while in her relationship with Alex Rodriguez. Amid trust issues that led to the breakup, Alex Rodriguez has 'high hopes' of reconciling with Jennifer Lopez?
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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's breakup with a confirmed joint statement doesn't come as a major surprise as it was only last month when reports revealed the couple was planning it quits before jointly issuing a statement that they "are working through some things." According to E! News, a source close to JLo and A-Rod reveals that Jennifer is "feeling at peace" when it comes to her split with Alex.

As per another source, who is close to JLo, Rodriguez was clearly aware that that the couple was heading for splitsville because Lopez hasn't been happy in their relationship "for a while now." The insider added, "Once her trust is broken, there's no turning around. She feels good about her decision because she knows A-Rod will still be in her life, just in a different capacity." The source also revealed that as of now, the exes are "very cordial" and are going to remain friends.

It's also important to note that their joint business ventures will keep them connected, which includes investing in some expensive properties. However, Jennifer also has no plans to see her ex at this time and will be staying in Los Angeles for a bit, as per the same source.

When it comes to Alex's state of mind, the ex-MLB player is hoping the ex-power couple can make it work, even though Lopez has called things off for good. "He is respecting her wishes right now but has high hopes they will get back together. He's doing anything in his power to make JLo happy," another source close to JLo informed E! This was especially seen when Rodriguez flew to the Dominican Republic in March to be close to Jennifer; in an attempt to woo her, who was shooting for Shotgun Wedding at the time.

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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

I think they could or should get back together! They should both grow up and realize everyone needs to work on their relationships. Make a commitment and make it work. They do have a Connection!

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

She should go solo. She does not seem to have the ability to hold on to her men for too long. Is it committment issues or not able to take seconf place?