Andy Cohen Defends Jennifer Lopez; Reveals There Was ‘No Drama’ During WWHL Appearance

Andy Cohen, a popular TV host, recently spoke out in defense of Jennifer Lopez in the wake of several negative press reports. Here's everything you need to know.

Published on Jun 23, 2024  |  03:50 PM IST |  41.3K
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Key Highlight
  • TV host Andy Cohen addresses criticisms against Jennifer Lopez on his podcast, Daddy Diaries
  • Cohen responds to claims that Lopez's tour was canceled due to her unlikability factor

Andy Cohen, a well-known TV host, recently defended Jennifer Lopez in response to some negative press. As per PEOPLE, in his podcast, Daddy Diaries, last Friday, June 21, Cohen addressed the issues head-on, particularly those raised in a Hollywood Reporter article. According to the said article, Lopez's canceled concert tour, This Is Me... Live, was due to her unlikability factor.

"I mean, I don't think that's correct," Cohen said in response to the claims about Lopez. He stated that Lopez was always cooperative and engaging when she appeared on his show, Watch What Happens Live. Cohen went on to praise Lopez, saying, "She's been lovely and no drama."

Andy Cohen addresses criticism around Jennifer Lopez

Cohen's podcast co-host, John Hill, also defended Lopez, claiming that the criticisms stemmed from unrealistic fan expectations. Hill commented, "They want a struggle. They want you to cry on camera. They want you to be vulnerable to a performative, insane degree." This statement conveys the pressures that celebrities face in displaying vulnerability in a way that satisfies the public.

Cohen also appeared to respond to a recent criticism from Meghan McCain. McCain claimed earlier this month on her Citizen McCain podcast that Lopez was not nice as a guest on The View.

Cohen recalled a friend's reaction to McCain's claim, saying, "My friend said, 'Well, I mean, she's pissed off a lot of people.' Whatever. I go, 'Let me say, she's been on Watch What Happens Live four times. She's been lovely and no drama.'"


Andy stated that Lopez was always willing to engage in any conversation during her WWHL appearances, the most recent of which occurred in 2018. "She was super game," he said, praising her candor and professionalism.

Praise for Lopez’s performance skills

In addition to defending Lopez's character, Cohen complimented her performance abilities. He remembered seeing her perform in Las Vegas and calling it a "capital 'S' show."

Cohen expressed frustration with Lopez's criticism for being extremely active and involved in multiple projects. "People are mad at her for doing too much," he said. "So it's like, well, okay, what's she supposed to do? Too little? I don't know. It just seems like schadenfreude, right?"

Tour cancellation and personal life

Lopez has recently made headlines due to the cancellation of her This Is Me... Live Tour. On May 31, Live Nation announced the cancellation, citing Lopez's desire to "take time off to be with her children, family, and close friends." This announcement came shortly after reports surfaced that her marriage to Ben Affleck was having difficulties.


According to PEOPLE, Lopez and Affleck, who rekindled their romance and married in 2022, have been living apart but still see each other at events with their children. According to a source close to Lopez, she was devastated to cancel the tour but felt it was necessary to prioritize herself and her loved ones.

"Life is a lot right now. As sad as she was to cancel the tour, she’s also relieved. She needs to take care of herself," the source stated.

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Know more about Jennifer Lopez:

Does Jennifer Lopez have children?
Yes, Jennifer Lopez has two children, twins Emme and Max, born in 2008.

Why was Jennifer Lopez’s tour canceled?
Jennifer Lopez canceled her tour to take time off to be with her children, family, and close friends.

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