Angelina Jolie BANS Jennifer Aniston amid her custody battle with Brad Pitt?

After reports claimed Jennifer Aniston has helped Brad Pitt's daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt land an acting gig, sources claim Angelina Jolie has banned the Friends alum from meeting her children.
Angelina Jolie BANS Jennifer Aniston amid her custody battle with Brad Pitt?Angelina Jolie BANS Jennifer Aniston amid her custody battle with Brad Pitt?
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Recently, a report claimed Jennifer Aniston was growing close to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The Friends alum apparently helped Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter bag an acting gig in an upcoming Hollywood project produced by Jennifer. Now, a new claim suggests the unconfirmed report hasn't gone down well with Angelina. The Eternals star is rumoured to be seeking sole custody of her children, as reported by Celebrity Insider. The international outlet cites New Zealand magazine Woman’s Day report to report Angelina wants to ban The Morning Show actress from meeting her and Brad children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox. 

Not only does she want "Jen be banned from seeing her kids", but Ange is also reportedly filed a new evaluation against Brad. A source quote reads, Angelina has "filed for a new child custody evaluation against Brad." The apparent move has come as a huge blow to everyone, including Jolie-Pitt kids. 

The outlet also insists Brad was hoping the divorce comes through by May. But the new development has "got him questioning what else he could possibly do to prove the kids are his number one priority." The new report makes its way online after Brad was spotted bonding with friend Alia Shawkat over burgers. The two were spotted at a burger joint in LA sharing a laugh over a meal. Read about it here: Forget Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt is busy bonding with buddy Alia Shawkat over burgers; Deets Inside

Meanwhile, rumours are also doing the rounds suggesting that the SAG Award-winning actress and the Academy Award-winner actor could be tying the knot. As per a Life & Style report, the two stars are getting ready to tie the knot in Cabo. Jennifer, who was previously married to Justin Theroux, is expected to walk down the aisle in the presence of BFF aka Friends co-star Courteney Cox and Brad's buddy Bradley Cooper. 

On the work front, the actress who played Rachel Green was filming the second season of The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon. However, the production has halted due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

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C'mon Angelina! Really! Man, I SO looked up to you. You were a woman in which you do so much for the world, children, refugees, a humanitarian, a freaking pilot for crisssakes. I would have never figured you to be so petty. You've shown all of us how huge your heart is. I just don't understand this. I'm a 60 year old female, I've been so enamored by your life. Your just so facinating. Please do not stoop to this level and be just another " stupid broad that split them up to begin with" type of person. It so does NOT become you. Be a decent cool human being. You used to be cool, WTF happened to you girl. Too many of you're woman parts taken out honey. Maybe you need hormones.
Seriously, don't put your kids through another long drawn out divorce thing just because you are insecure and you don't like someone. It's really so " High-School". So silly for a grown woman. What are you showing your daughters? Is this honestly the kind of women you want them to be? Whtevr. Adele Luna-Ambriz

you guys act like you know them all personally, I am sure this is all a fake story anyway, like most media...

Jen has a sweet spirit, she's not evil.

You people stop talking nonsense about Angie. Go solve your own problems before you jump into Angelina's problem. that shows that you guys are threatened by Angelina. number one she is smart,actress,lecturer,humanitarian, full politician she can even become America's president. What about Jen Aniston zero balance been dumped by Brad like a hot potato. Brad loves Angelina Jolie very much, that's the reason they got kids immediately. If Angelina start dating someone new now she will even be happy than Jen because is a new relationship not like Brad and Jen old staff about forgiving. You can forgive but you cannot forget.Angie I salute you and do not allow that beach to have a hand on your kids infact you must warn Brad as well because he is the one who created that. One thing Brad Pitt must know is that if he is treating Angie like that he will not have good luck in his life. He is old enough and concentrate on his kids and never allow beaches to control him apart from Angie

Complete rubbish...your obsessed with Angie...that's what happened to Brad...

Does anyone remember how wonderful Brad was intil Angie wanted a divorce.. perfect father.. perfer lover and friend? The next thing Brad is out of the house.. a child abuser.. alcoholic... constant smoking pot and on and on? Well... Angie appears to be a control freak who wants to control Brad even when he is out of the home using the tge kids as whips!! If Brad has an issue with alcohol.. favoring one child over another... why not counciling... intervention? Anything to keep the family unit in tack... She is turning her children against their dad and trying to make herself a saint!!! If Jennifer is not a junkie.. criminal.. or unstable Angie can't dictate who Brad expose those kids too. They are his too!!!

I think you people need to stop listening to bull Ang is not doing anything this is lies and brad is the one who cheated on his wife you act like he is innocent

Jen is just an idiot woman taking home a cheater and confuse because her life is awful. no kids, no serious relationship, she is just up and down with her exes.Shameful for a woman. Angie is cool and just concentrating on her career and kids.

It should definately be left up to the kids what they want.If she tries keeping them from their dad They will recent her later..

Why is everyone like Anj broke up their marriage, she did this, she did that. Is Brad a 12yo without common sense running away to the one with the chocolate? Brad's the a-hole who swings and drags other people along. He did what he did to Jen. N she's an idiot for taking home a cheater.

Brad is not the first man to cheat so leave Angelina Jolie alone. May be Angie is having a nice chocolate the Jen and one can just tell because the way Brad is feeling about the divorce with Angie is terrible, compare to Jen's divorce. So give the blame to Brad not to Angie.

Angelica Jolie appears to be unhinged.I think she should be evaluated. Who knows what kind of things she has put in those children's heads. I don't

Oh!so has she forgot what she did to jen.Breaking someone's marriage is fine but if you're good to a child then you should be banned.she should grow up and learn ethics.

Looks like she forgot her own deeds.

Oh!so has she forgot what she did to jen.Breaking someone's marriage is fine but if you're good to a child then you should be banned.she should grow up and learn ethics

Jennifer Aniston should not interfere in Brad and Angelina's kids. She does not fit there at all. If she likes kids she must just find a way to get her own children. Angelina has the right to do what ever she want to do with her children. After all she is doing very well when it comes to her kids. Those who want to date Brad they can go ahead but they should not mix themselves with Angie's kids. Go make your own kids.

Well she would have. But angi decided to break them up like the control freak she is.

Jen did not want family Brad did he met
Angie they agreed to have a family. It is difficult to have 2 big stars and a family to raise. They prove their talent on the big screen. They need to be humble enough to
Prove their love to their children the children are their legacy. They have their priorities wrong. Rethink lifestyle and leave the public out of it. You both have a challenge to love your family. Jen had a chance. Angie has to stop punishing people she loves! God Bless!
You are both Stellar! Pray about it would you!

Why is she inserting herself in Brad's and Angelina Jolie's family like an idiot taking home a cheater?

Why can't Anj be kind to Jen. Be an adult where kids are concerned. It's not the child's fault. Sounds like Anj is insecure as she stole Brad away from Jen. Any should be kind to Brad & rise above this silliness coz at this time it shows Anj as being insecure instead of showing strength & leadership.Anj needs to talk with her children if she is strong enough

Alienation is crule nasty woman

Angelina's showing her jealousy. It was ok for her to break up their marriage. Adultery was ok for Angelina then.

Exactly Angelina went on about her father, what he did to her mother, and she turns around and does the same thing break up Brad and Aniston.Adultary straight up. She did that on purpose so bad.

Thats not ya Discent woman at all just ya woman that stole another woman's Man thats not good at all two timer tramp she is whos next to Lay?

Brad should have communicated to Angelina. This is a joint decision between the parents. Furthermore, Aniston should have known better. Don't mess w/MAMA BEARS! Especially, if you have an awful history w/someone.

Well Angelina is as right as always she is the best mom showing that her kids are her no. one priority so there goes the decision lies with these kids and they are old enough to decide leave it to them not to anyone else it's their life

Too bad Jennifer wasn't as saavy way back then to have banned Angelina from breaking up her and Brad's marriage. What a hypocrite Angelina is. And control freak.

Anjejina needs to realise that all THEIR children are getting older and will decide for themselves which parent they want to spend time with. To stamp out the opportunity for one of their children having a small part in a film is cruel and could alienate her from her daughter's life forever in the future. That also goes for all their children if she tries to gain sole custody of them.

Children need their fathers. Especially if they want to be present and are clean, sober and loving. Seems Ange is vindictive-not wanting Brad involved with THEIR kids...lest she forget the kids have 2 parents that love them. That is what is important! Not that her kids be her best friends-thats what adults are for...not your children.

I believe the kids should be able to like Jennifer and she should not be so jealous and immature.

Those kids are old enough to have a say

Angie! GROW UP! There’s other people out there besides you & your kids.. with that said you probably think that any Women that dates Brad will turn your kids on you... Kids do that to... go Peacefully... People didn’t stop you from your time you and Brad made the Decision to be Married be humbled and let him Decide what he wants to do! HE HAS A SAY TO! GROW UP GIRL! Time to move on 3/23/20

They are Angelina's children and she has every right to say who she wishes in their lives period. Also the bigger question is why would Jennifer be dumb enough to insert herself in a volatile divorce and situation that is not yet resolved. Did she not get it the first go round? Brad had no problem dumping her and then bad mouthing her publicly almost the entire length of his relationship with Jolie. Is Jen a glutten for punishment?

I totally agree with all points in this.
I'm glad someone else can see the truth too.
They are Angelina's children also, she absolutely gets to say who her kids spend time with.
Also When a father spends time with his kids why does he need someone to hold his hand to do that, surely the time is about his connection to them not him then and a friend.
I think Brad Pitt pulls a lot of immature stunts in public that humiliate his previous partners and yes he did do that to Jennifer including calling her and his marriage boring.
And he did it again to Angelina with his acceptance speech a couple of weeks ago.

Thank goodness someone who is seeing sence, I totally agree. They are Angelina's children too and yes she has every right to say who does and doesn't get to spend time with them.
Also if Brad is seeing his kids why does he need someone to hold his hand to spend time doing that?
Also agreed he did totally publicly humiliate Jennifer Aniston by calling her and their marriage, does she have no self respect?

You really believe this story... lol if any of it is true. Angelina cant stop her kids from seeing whomever they want unless a posing danger or threat. If she doesnt like Jen around. She has to get over it

This is fake news..

They are NOT just Angelina’s children. Some are Brad’s by birth, the others by adoption.
Angelina is acting like a mean spiteful hateful bitch. She needs to get over Brad, divorce him and move on — and quit using the children as weapons. Real mothers do not use their children in that manner.

Angie is a true Malificent!!!

Angie is someone who does not interferes in Jennifer Aniston's life but Jen is still after Angie why?

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