Another Round director DEFENDS English remake with Leonardo DiCaprio: There’s integrity in choices he’s made

Updated on Apr 29, 2021 07:40 PM IST  |  221K
Thomas Vinterberg praised Leonardo DiCaprio for making "very intelligent choices throughout his career."

An emotionally stirring moment at Oscars 2021 was Thomas Vinterberg's tearful acceptance speech ode to his late daughter Ida, who sadly passed away in a car accident in 2019 at the young age of 19. Thomas' brilliantly made film Another Round won the Oscar for Best International Feature Film and subsequently came the news that the Danish movie was getting an English language remake with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Following the reveal, there was a trending debate on whether a remake is necessary or not with special emphasis on Another Round. In an interview with IndieWire, Vinterberg came to the English remake's defence as the filmmaker revealed that he was planning to meet with Leonardo DiCaprio's production house Appian Way. Thomas stated that he's seen "various interpretations" of his work before and that "it's an interesting artistic thing to see something grown into different versions." Praising Leo, in particular, Vinterberg shared, "Now, it’s in the hands of the finest actor you can get and besides being a brilliant actor, he’s made very intelligent choices throughout his career," and added, "I feel there’s a lot of integrity in the choices he’s made. I’m full of hope and curiousity about what they’re up to."

For those curious as to why Mads Mikkelsen will not be reprising the titular role like in the original version, Thomas explained that he's leaving such decisions to Appian Way along with the dialogue he will have with them. "I don’t know if Mads would do such a thing," Vinterberg pondered before adding that his first thought "would be to make a different interpretation." Hence, according to Thomas, it "could be a little bit confusing" to ask the same actor to do a different interpretation. However, Vinterberg was quick to reaffirm that he "won't be the main creative force" in the English remake. That will be up to Appian Way, the ones who end up doing it.

Do you agree with the concept of making English-language remakes of Oscar-winning films like Another Round? Or do you feel it taints the authenticity of the original version? Share your honest thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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For the unversed, Another Round's storyline is about four teacher friends who experiment with psychiatrist Finn Skårderud's theory of increasing their blood alcohol content in order to add more spunk into their mundane lives. However, when they get too greedy with the positive results, everything gets out of hand.