Ant Man writer Adam McKay has THIS advice for Martin Scorsese for his Marvel comments; Find out

Ant-Man writer Adam McKay has delivered some strong words for Martin Scorsese and other legendary filmmakers who don’t count superhero films as a cinema in his recent interview.
Adam McKay talks about Martin Scorsese’s comments about marvel movies in his interview with DeadlineAdam McKay talks about Martin Scorsese’s comments about marvel movies in his interview with Deadline
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We all have witnessed the fire that Martin Scorsese has lit on the internet as he criticized the Marvel movies. In an interview, Martin was quoted as saying that “Marvel movies aren’t cinema”. These statements from the Irishman director have not only outraged the Marvel fans but also the writers and directors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, Ant-man writer Adam McKay has spoken about Martin Scorsese’s comments.


Adam McKay has a small piece of advice for the legendary director Martin Scorsese. He strongly believes that all the legend has to do is to go and see one specific Marvel Cinematic Universe film and everything will fall in its place. Mckay feels that the Marvel films have their own merits. McKay said, "I wrote one, Ant-Man, and I love ‘em," I felt like, c’mon Marty, what are you doing? You’re an all-time hero, and some of those movies are good. To anyone who disses superhero movies, I always say, watch Thor: Ragnarok. That movie is awesome."




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Adam McKay wasn’t the only one to defend Marvel movies. This debate went above the bars when producer Bob Iger recently stood up for Marvel in a talk with BBC, as he said, “Martin Scorsese is a great film-maker. I admire him immensely. He's made some great films. I would debate him on this subject. First of all, Marvel's making movies. They're movies. That's what Martin Scorsese makes. And they're good movies.”

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Do you agree with the comments of Adam McKay or do you think Scorsese is right about Marvel movies? Tell us in the comments section below.

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