Anyone MV: A tattooless Justin Bieber is in 'Rocky' boxer mode with Zoey Deutch as his constant cheerleader

Inspired by Rocky's underdog storyline, we see a tattooless Justin Bieber as a boxer with Zoey Deutch as his love interest in Anyone MV. Check out the heartwarming music video below.
Anyone MV: A tattooless Justin Bieber is in 'Rocky' boxer mode with Zoey Deutch as his constant cheerleader
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Justin Bieber had an epic New Years gift for Beliebers with a brand new single titled Anyone which was accompanied with a heartwarming music video, dropped on December 31 and inspired by Rocky's underdog storyline. In the music video, while Justin played Rocky, we saw Zoey Deutch as the singer's love interest Adrian and from the get-go, the pair oozed off undeniable chemistry.

Fans were indeed in disbelief to see a tattooless Bieber, all beefed up and looking the boxer part while indulging in several matches and adorning 'Bieber' boxing shorts. While on training mode, we see glimpses of his life with Deutch, who is by her man's side through thick and thin by being Justin's biggest cheerleader. In his big match night, we see Bieber take an almost knockout tumble by a strong opponent which parallels with him feeling like he's drowning. However, Zoey's constant encouraging words save him metaphorically in both instances and unsurprisingly, the underdog wins and celebrates with a passionate kiss with his ladylove.

Check out Justin Bieber's romantic Anyone MV below:

Excuse us while we replay Anyhow's cliched yet endearing music video again and again!

Anyone almost feels like a sequel to Justin's other hit single Holy with a meaningful chorus: "That you are the only one I've ever loved / Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone / Looking back on my life, you're the only good I've ever done / Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone," which very well hints at his wife Hailey Baldwin, who hyped the song up with fervour on Instagram.

Moreover, Justin shared a BTS video of himself getting his tattoos covered for Anyone MV whilst only donning underwear. Check out Bieber's IG video HERE.

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