Armie Hammer: Film critic Mara Reinstein remembers her ‘awful’ chat with the actor summer 2020

Film critic Mara Reinstein recently opened up about her “awful” encounter with Armie Hammer over the last summer. Scroll down to see what happened.
Film critic Mara Reinstein remembers her ‘awful’ chat with Armie Hammer Armie Hammer: Film critic Mara Reinstein remembers her ‘awful’ chat with the actor summer 2020
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Amidst seas of revelations from girls about their negative encounters with Armie Hammer, film critic, Mara Reinstein is adding her truth to the story. The critic recently revealed what happened between her and Armie Hammer over Zoom during the summer of 2020. Back in November, the Euphoria actor Lukas Gage became a viral sensation thanks to the audition video he shared online, in which director Tristram Shapeero insulted his apartment while accidentally thinking he was on mute.


At the time when Lukas tweeted out the video, Mara quote tweeted Lukas’ statement and wrote her own, saying, “Semi-related: An actor pulled this on me via Zoom over the summer. Didn’t think I could hear him. It was awful. Be nice, people! Especially in 2020.” Months later, amid Armie‘s controversies that seem to keep coming, she updated her tweet with, “I guess I’ll just say it: the actor was Armie Hammer.” Mara never revealed what Armie said while he was unmuted.


If you missed it, TV show host Bill Maher recently justified Armie’s NSFW DMs. During a segment on his show--Real Time WIth Bill Maher, he said: “I think we can talk about this in relation to where feminism is, because apparently, Armie Hammer has a predilection to tell his dates he wants to ‘eat’ them. And who wouldn’t want to be eaten by Armie Hammer? Come on,” he said. “Apparently this is something called ‘ethical human cannibal fetishism.’ No actual women were eaten in the making of this movie. They were just talking. They have his texts, where he was saying things like, ‘I want to take your rib out and boil it with barbecue sauce.’ We’re in such a porn-centric society—people have been watching really hardcore porn for so long that ‘spank you’ doesn’t really cut it anymore,” he continued.


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