Armie Hammer’s ex GF Paige Lorenze describes their relationship as ‘50 Shades Of Grey without the love’

Another ex-girlfriend of Armie Hammer recently came forward and opened up about their BDSM activities and their relationship. Scroll down to see what she said.
Armie Hammer’s ex GF Paige Lorenze describes their relationship as ‘50 Shades Of Grey without the love’
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After many ex-girlfriends of Armie Hammer opened up about their bad relationships with the actor, now, Paige Lorenze, who dated Armie Hammer for a few months in 2020 released shocking details of their fling. The 22-year-old Instagram model claimed that the actor carved the alphabet A into her body with a knife, she also described their relationship as “real life 50 Shades Of Grey without the love.”


In an interview with E! News, Paige revealed that the duo was in a “polyamorous open relationship” and the model also opened up about Armie’s BDSM kinks. While describing the initial phases of their relationship, she recalled that the actor was “really charming, really handsome, funny” and that their relationship “moved extremely fast.”


She added that Armie would call their relationship a “polyamorous, open relationship” but they both spoke about how they were not sleeping with other people and were only seeing each other. The model told E! News that Armie made it clear to her that he didn’t want anyone else in her apartment, in her bed and that he wasn’t sleeping with anyone else either.


While Paige admitted that the BDSM activities were consensual, she also stated that she was scared and she was in a lot of pain, but she accepted it, thinking it is just a part of what it is.  Paige claims that Armie used a wooden paddle and other BDSM tools on her. She said, “I don’t even know the names because I’m not even super into it. He would have instruments and use his hands and bite me all over my body.”


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