Ashton Kutcher QUIZZES wife Mila Kunis on cryptocurrency; TEASES fans about NFT animated series Stoner Cats

Published on Jul 26, 2021 10:56 PM IST  |  167.9K
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis seem to be having a gala time discussing cryptocurrency and pop culture.
Ashton Kutcher asks Mila Kunis important questions about cryptocurrency in his new episode of Kutcher Kitchen Talk Series.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are quite the adorable couple of Hollywood. The duo has their share of fun, be it through their social media or during interviews. Every time they share a screen, fans can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy at how these two have endless support for each other. Recently, Mila Kunis, being the loving wife that she is, has made superb cameos in Ashton Kutcher’s latest Instagram videos! By the looks of it, the videos might seem out of the world for people who have no idea about cryptocurrency, but for wife Mila, it was one of Ashton’s ideas that she will support no matter what!


In the first video which the No Strings Attached alum posted as the first episode of the Kutcher Kitchen Talk series, he asked his wife Mila Kunis questions about cryptocurrency! Naming the video ‘KRYPTO with Kunis’, Kutcher asked his wife questions regarding decentralisation, crypto, and terms related to bitcoins. However, the latter seemed to have aced the interview, and laughed her heart out throughout.


In his second video days later, Ashton again included Vitalik Buterin, an early cryptocurrency adopter, and quizzed him on pop culture! The couple, Mila and Ashton, seemed to be having a good time with Buterin, who tried his best to answer Ashton’s pop-culture questions but failed miserably at some. The three had a great time, while Kunis and Buterin tried their absolute best to keep up with Kutcher’s random questions. The second video concluded with Kunis and Buterin acting out as ‘stoner cats’, after which, a poster stating Stoner Cats as the ‘first NFT animated series’ was shown on the screen!


So the doting hubby was all along supporting his wife Mila Kunis’ animated show Stoner Cats which includes himself, along with Jane Fonda, Chris Rock and the newly-added Vitalik Buterin.


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