Avengers: Endgame directors REVEAL that The Hulk's damage in MCU film is permanent

The Russo Brothers revealed that the damage caused to The Hulk during Avengers: Endgame is permanent. Especially, when it comes to his arm, which was used to snap the Infinity Gauntlet.
During an interview, Joe Russo recently spoke about The Hulk's future post Avengers: Endgame.During an interview, Joe Russo recently spoke about The Hulk's future post Avengers: Endgame.
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Avengers: Endgame was the perfect swan song for many OG 6 Avengers including Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow. When it comes to Hawkeye, we already know that a series is being planned with Clint Barton passing the torch to his daughter, Kate Bishop. Thor might be a part of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, as suggested in Avengers: Endgame when he joins Star-Lord for his next adventure. That leaves us with The Hulk aka Bruce Banner. His fate has not been determined but the directors, Russo Brothers reveal that the damage done to him during Avengers: Endgame is permanent.

The Hulk takes it upon himself to put on the Infinity Gauntlet and snap his fingers in order to bring the ones lost during Avengers: Infinity War (2018) back. In doing so, the strongest Avengers loses strength in his arm. While talking to CinemaBlend, Joe Russo stated, "His arm, if you noticed, is a lot skinnier. It’s blackened. So, he loses a lot of strength there." It's not just physical damage of losing an arm that is permanent for the big, green monster. It's also the loss of Natasha Romanoff that has permanent damage on Bruce and The Hulk.



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In the process, The Hulk has damaged himself as it irreversible and similar to Thanos, post Avengers: Infinity War. At the start of Avengers: Endgame, we saw a battle-torn Thanos and how he suffered post snapping the Infinity Gauntlet.

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It will be interesting to see where MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) heads in terms of The Hulk's storyline. While a solo Hulk film almost seems impossible, we could see another Thor: Ragnarok style in the works?


The Russo brothers made mockery of the Hulk. It just goes to show they no nothing of the Hulks true power.This is what you get be when you have 2 geeks that know Absoulutly nothing about the hulk.And what be was the point of Embarrassing Thor like that...making him a fat drunking slob? The Russo's definitely did not how to put this story be together. What did they direct before this Mr Rogers meets Big Bird? Never going to watch another marvel film again. What Amatures!

A hulk pueden cortarle el brazo dañado y ponerle un brazo como el brazo del soldado del invierno, y con el tema de Natasha romanoff , un viaje en el tiempo sería la única forma de resucitarla

I'm still pissed that the Hulk didn't get his revenge on Thanos abd now this. Eish they're ruining the strongest avenger

The hulk has one of the best healing factor in marvel comics and in this film he doesn't have none, i feel like the Russo brothers really don't care about the character

They absolutely ruined the marvel cinematic universe with end game. Killing off iron man was a huge error. They should have went back and pulled him prior to the snap that killed him. According to their time jump logic the snap still happened and tony would be able to be alive in the present. Cap goes back and lives a full life, so that would create a branch which they were not supposed to create any branches. Loki is gone with the tesseract in yet another branch of the timeline. They could have gone back and pulled natasha prior to her death as well as gamora. According to them it wouldn't effect anything. No one will ever replace RDJ as ironman. He wanted to tap out before his character was played out. It felt like their stories were finally developing during infinity war. And one of the biggest dissapointing things was fat self loathing Thor. When thor was fighting thanos and had the axe to his neck, Cap should have smacked stormbreaker with mjolnir and took thanos head off. If not the head at least an arm. Then thor swings storm breaker taking off thanos other arm. Then Thor says something clever like try snapping now. Then tony fly's up and says ohhh snap. Before wanda uses hear magic and snaps his neck.

I disagree completely. If the characters could just be brought back without any consequences would this have any impact on us, no. If the characters could have a dragon ball z shenron to pull out of their ass at any time no death would mean anything unless specific stakes were made, which would be fine but these are the damn infinity stones they don’t have limits. Having Thor be fat was a way to show how the deaths affected him and what the toll of this UNIVERSAL DESTROYING EVENT did. Also as much as I hate to say this, Robert Downey Jr. will get to old to play this someday, and eventually he’ll die. He’s nowhere near the latter but Downey can’t keep doing this because he would feel stale eventually and we would want different characters. Saving Natasha also contradicts what your complaining about with Cap, because their would be a timeline where the avengers would lose to Ultron because hulk would’ve been pissed the whole time and have been a liability. Loki is fine because maybe this could open up a series where the new avengers try to stop the mischief that Loki uses on timelines. Captain America going back in time wouldn’t have been that bad because he was from that timeline anyway and it symbolizes that he belongs back in that time, not ours. The end scene is a fine idea but I will bet $20 that you were almost crying when you saw Stark lying on the ground and that Iron Man 1 callback with “proof that tony stark has a heart”. It’s your opinion but then again endgame should basically be national treasure at this point so I have to protect it.

As much as I love pretty much everything the Russo's have done, the Hulk has been tremendously nerfed by them. The dude has a healing factor just as good as Wolverine. He should AT LEAST heal from the damage slowly.

As much as I love pretty much everything the Russo's have done, the Hulk has been tremendously nerfed by them. He dude has a healing factor just as good as Wolverine. He should AT LEAST heal from the damage slowly.

so they killed 2014 Thanos. so in that alternate timeline they never face thanos because he died in the future. that timeline still would have everyone living as is prior to infinity war. right?

They made it quite clear that time travel dosen't work that way.

to the moron above...they should've chosen a different villain for Infinity War?!?

It's based off of Infinity War/Gauntlet comics where Thanos is the main villain... this is the dumbest comment I think I've ever read about an MCU film.

But there WAS a Hulk film!!! Remember 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk” with Ed Norton?

I liked the movie and Professor Hulk, but didn't like that there was no Hulk Thanos rematch, and was puzzled at the Tony Stark ceremony that Hulk arm was in a sling, because of not just unlimited strength, but Hulk is supposed to heal fast to.

I agree. By saying the damage is permanent they ruined him for any movie, with only the exception of using a multiverse hulk or something. This really disappointed me because he's my altimeter fav

I always thought the gamma radiation gave Hulk regenerative power. His arm should heal over time.

EXACTLY!!!!!! Its the gamma radiation that MADE HULK POSSIBLE!!
Gamma radiation is to Hulk is what the flux capacitor is to time travel. I could see if Hulk just didn't want to fight Thanos again, but that has ZERO to do with the fact that one of Hulks mainstay traits is REGENERATING INJURIES!!!

Real fans reveal that no it's not.

There's alot wrong here. A) people are taking issue with Hulk talking and being smart, which is totally straight from the comics and is known as professor Hulk. That's not the issue in the movie at all. The issue is that they have emasculated him by having Thanos completely dominate him and then he never fights again. On top of that, now his arm is permanently damaged? The Hulk regenerates. Not only that, Hulk's regenerative healing factor is far better than even wolverines healing factor. Hulk has regenerated from nothing but bones in mere seconds in the comics. Blasphemy isn't a strong enough word for what they have done to the Hulk. B) they are forcing the liberal PC SJW agenda down everyone's throat. They deliberately made every strong male character into a bitch (already explained Hulk, Captain America meets his end as a decrepit old man who has audible weakness in his voice, Thor is a fat, undesirable, drunken dipshit who looks like the big Lebowski, etc. etc. etc.). Unless the strong male character happens to not be white of course... Then they still get to be strong (falcon gets to be Captain America ahead of Bucky who was Captain America before him in the comics, but for Disney he wasn't non-white enough). C) the feminism in this movie is at an all time toxic level and extremely forced. They forcibly inserted that bitch revenge scene where like 5 or 6 female characters fight alongside each other and totally dominate. Extremely cliche and unnecessary. Just blatantly obvious that they only did it to appeal to the feminist demographic. Can't even sum it all up without writing a book. Just... It's supposed to be a comic book movie and they turned it into a liberal propaganda political statement. Not true to the source material one bit.

I loved how they did what u hate. U wont be happy with spuder man ha ha ha liberals teaching the world love it.

Liberals aren't "teaching" the world anything except how to be bat shit crazy and ruin franchises such as Marvel with their insane sociopolitical agenda.

Careful, he's a hero.

Hulk has regenerative powers. Give him a couple of months,he'll be fine!

You got to be nuts!,
Thats not right.If anything,the sudden jolt of Gamma Radiation should have made him stronger.

The hulk's power is anger based. In the comics, before some story lines were butchered, he could get really passed off and all would be good...

Well that's dumb and without precident.

Anything said by the russo brothers only applies to any russo brothers movie coming out. Which means none.

They should have chosen a different villian for infinity war or go with a different story line this they were not prepared for. Endgame fucked up story line time travel back and forth beating the old thanos instead of a proper fight to the death. End game was a disaster that had too many fans to fail. And why is hulk fucking talking.
The greed to try and go too big with thanos as he was the super villain was a mistake. I can't believe this. Infinity war was supposed to be the last avengers movie for a couple of years even a decade and they break off to the individual hero stories.
They went big and crashed hard with this disaster and I have watched all marvel films on premier night and repeats on relaxing days.
They should have not done the disappointing ENDGAME storyline. Bloody Russo Muppets

They went back in time to get the stones because the current Thanos destroyed them. They didn’t expect old Thanos to come back up through the Quantum Realm.

Surely if he returned to his Bruce Banner persona, his arm should rejuvenate?

the Hulk persona is the one with healing powers...

They ruined the Hulk

I agree 100% the fact that they're saying permanent makes it worse. The only chance they can change it up is if they create some multiverse hulk or something like that. This really pisses me off because he is my all time fav.

There is a multiverse its mentioned in the far from home new trailer

And you are dumb.

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