Avengers Endgame will soon see its DVD and Blu-ray release, even before it hits the digital platform

Avengers Endgame fans should be hopeful of the DVD and Blu-ray release to happen much sooner than the digital platforms, which will prove to be a full reverse of the usual release format. This news will surely surprise some fans.
Avengers: Endgame,mcu,Marvel Studio,HollywoodAvengers Endgame will soon see its DVD and Blu-ray release, even before it hits the digital platform
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Avengers: Endgame fans in a new will see the release of its DVD and Blu-Ray coming way before it is released on any digital platform. Yes, you heard it right. The industry norm is to drop the film on digital platforms first followed by a release in the home entertainment format, that makes up for the DVDs and Blu-Ray release. In a rather unusual way, the makers of this film plan to release the film first in home entertainment format and later on digital platforms after a gap of two to four weeks.

It is now usually observed that any film that is released is quickly brought on the home entertainment platform, in a move to avoid piracy and also to make sure that the customer is not left fuming as the wait gets too long. The news of Disney's head, Bob Iger making an announcement with regards to the release of Avengers: Endgame on digital and home entertainment is rather hard to digest to fans in the United States.

According to reports, Avengers: Endgame will be released first in forms of DVDs and Blu-Rays, and later published as an exclusive on Disney's own digital streaming platform that will be launched at the year-end. The fans outside of the US can view the film on the digital platforms, but unfortunately, the fans of Avengers: Endgame in the United States will have a wait a tad bit longer if these reports are to come true. We can only hope that the film, which has gone on to become the second highest gainer of all times will make the fans who waited longer than others, all smiles.

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The movie is already available on VUDU for pre-order.

Are all these news site stupid.... yes, it will STREAM exclusively on Disney+, that mean no Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc. That does not mean that a digital format will not be available to PURCHASE on iTunes, Amazon Digital, etc.

Regardless of what format it will be free and I will have many different formats to choose from, and will never stream a movie as quality is awful when streaming... Hollywood is so liberal that I have chosen never to give them money again, but will enjoy the fruits

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