Bangtan Bomb: V trolls Jin while calling himself 'blue flower'; Jungkook gets a massage from his eldest hyung

1 year ago  |  3.8M
A blue-haired V calls himself a 'blue flower' and ARMY will definitely agree.

Bangtan Bombs are like a breath of fresh air for ARMY as they get treated with behind-the-scenes action from BTS' song shoots, award ceremony preps, photoshoots, etc. Whether it be celebrating each other's birthdays or just goofing around during work projects, we get to see the bond shared between the septet that has only grown stronger over the years. Plus, we also get to witness the members tease each other mercilessly which is always endearing to watch. The latest Bangtan Bomb is a classic example of the same.

This time, we're taken to the sets of Boy With Luv, where the boys are decked in white attires. This was the time V was donning gorgeous blue locks which we still can't stop swooning over. During the Bangtan Bomb, when Jin made Taehyung reveal details about his outfit, TaeTae shared how he had two flower accessories on him. Jin quipped how the maknae himself is a 'flower' to which the 24-year-old singer happily agreed. When the Seokjin singer asked V to tell everyone how awesome his compliment was, Taehyung quipped, "Everyone, I am a blue rose." When the Epiphany singer further prodded to compliment his compliment, TaeTae decided to mess with him further and added, "Everyone, I am indeed a flower." When the 27-year-old singer tried one last time but the Sweet Night singer joked instead, "Everyone, Jin was telling the truth. I am a flower," while pointing at the camera. Jin eventually gave up with a resigned expression and agreed with him as did ARMY!

On the other hand, not only did Jin goof around with J-Hope but also gave a massage to Jungkook, showing off his caretaker side, to which The Golden Maknae quipped at his eldest hyung, "At least he's giving me a massage."

Watch BTS' latest Bangtan Bomb below:

We adore these boys and how!


Anonymous : V is very cute
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Anonymous : V is very cute
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Anonymous : So cute
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Anonymous : He's sooo cute
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Anonymous : aww, so cute
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Anonymous : Anything
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Anonymous : What do you mean by anything
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Anonymous : Really do u think it's anything for ARMY,s .
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Anonymous : My ultimate baise in k-pop ( V )Kim taehyung . And i love rose flower especialy BLUE ROSE is my favorite . And i'm very happy because that V called himself " i'm blue rose ". Sarenge V oppa .
REPLY 45 1 year ago