Becky Lynch pens moving tribute as she announces her father has died; The Rock & Bella Twins offer condolences

In a touching Instagram post, Becky Lynch mourned the death of her father as she penned her hopes to approach parenting the same way her dad did.
Becky Lynch is heartbroken that her dad could not meet her daughter Roux. Becky Lynch pens moving tribute as she announces her father has died; The Rock & Bella Twins offer condolences
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In some heartbreaking news, WWE superstar Becky Lynch's father has sadly passed away as revealed by the 34-year-old wrestler in a touching Instagram post. While Becky didn't reveal the cause of death, the former Raw Women's Champion instead gave a befitting tribute to a man she sorely adored; by sharing some memories in the form of heartwarming snaps from her childhood up until the present along with a moving caption detailing how precious her father was.

"My Dad passed away this morning. My god was he a great Dad. My brother and I never had a seconds doubt that he loved us unconditionally. He was proud of us no matter what. Not for what we did, but for who we were. The rest was just details for my pops," Becky began her tribute and added, "I used to always go to him with the most trivial of problems or concerns because I knew he would never judge. In my weird teenage years, he never batted an eyelid. "She's just being herself" - he'd say, and would let me get back to my strange clothes and dog collar chokers."

Recalling how supportive her dad was about her wrestling career from the beginning, Lynch wrote, "When I told him I wanted to be a wrestler he never doubted me for a second even though I did. And when I would worry about taking risks he'd tell me "it's an adventure Missy, enjoy it"- how right he was." Touching upon her dad's characteristics that set him apart from other fathers, Becky proudly penned, "My Dad was a character, a gent, an athlete, an intellectual and a creator. He was always full of positivity and ready to have the chats with anyone he crossed paths with, making friends at every turn. Such a charmer he was with his unmistakable, slightly regal voice and love of story telling. I was so proud to tell everyone "my dads an inventor"- none of my other friends dads invented s**t. But mine did."

"I mustn't have been more than 7 when he told me to keep a diary and I’ve been journaling ever since. He cultivated my love of books, writing, theatre, movies, life," Lynch added.

Unfortunately, Becky's dad was unable to meet his granddaughter, which Lynch is remorseful about. Becky and fiance Seth Rollins welcomed their first child, a baby girl who they named Roux, in December 2020. Sharing her hopes of wanting to imbibe her dad's qualities as a parent to her own daughter, Lynch penned, "I wish so much that I was able to be there. I wish that he would have met his baby granddaughter. He would have gotten a great kick out of her and she would have adored him. "She's a great laugh"- as he would say. Though I know he was so happy to have lived to know she's alive. I hope I can approach parenting the same way my Dad did with us."

"Slan agus Gra. Lots of love and magic. I love you forever and miss you Pops. Becks," Becky signed off.

Check out Becky Lynch's powerful tribute to her father below:



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Taking to the comments to offer their condolences were Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella aka The Bella Twins and The Miz amongst many others. "Sending all our love and light. So sorry about this. What a life he lived," The Rock commented while Nikki wrote, "Lots of love light magic and prayers to you and your family. I'm so incredibly sorry Becky. So so sorry."

While Brie commented, "I'm so sorry for your loss!!! Your Dad seemed like an amazing man. Prayers for you and your family," The Miz wrote, "Love the relationship you have with your dad. I hope to do the same for my daughters. I'm so sorry for your loss."

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Anonymous 2 months ago

May he RIP and my prayers for his family...