Becky Lynch REVEALS what she found off putting in her WWE storyline with boyfriend Seth Rollins

Becky Lynch got candid about the overbearing spotlight on her real-life relationship with Seth Rollins. Their love story was used as fodder for a WWE storyline along with Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin.
Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch have been dating since February 2019.Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch have been dating since February 2019.
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Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch's relationship has been the talking point amongst the WWE Universe, ever since The Beastslayer confirmed that the couple was together via an Instagram post in May 2019. Seth and Becky started dating from February 2019 and given their immense popularity, WWE made a storyline out of their relationship. They were put against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans at Extreme Rules 2019. While the tag-team match was appreciated, the overbearing spotlight on Brollins had many fans turn against the couple, questioning their relationship.

Supporting the stance is The Man, who spoke with BarnBurner Radio about the one aspect she was not a fan of during her storyline with Rollins. "It (Seth and Becky's relationship) was mentioned every five minutes in case you didn't know and I think that was a little off-putting. Because people, they don't want to see 'The Man' needing a man. They don't want to see Seth Rollins needing anybody else, because we're two powerful entities on our own," Lynch stated.



You can slow count, you can slap him in the face, but if you nutshot him then expect an ass whooping.

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Furthermore, talking about the fans reaction, Becky added, "When it's all about our freaking relationship and that's forced, nobody was into that. Am I wrong? No everybody was like, 'We get it! We don't need to be told, shut the hell up!'" The RAW Women's Champion also shared that according to her, it's better for people to make up their own minds and have an opinion and "let's go with that."

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