"Being in an immigrant family...it felt frivolous to me": Camila Cabello explains why makeup is "not some frivolous, shallow thing"

In an event, Camila Cabello opened up about her journey with beauty and what made her feel empowered as a woman. Read on!

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Camila Cabello recently attended Loreal Paris's Women of Worth event and spoke about matters close to her heart. She admitted that growing up, she never perceived beauty as a priority until she realized the fun in it. Camila Cabello opened up about her journey with beauty as the ambassador of Loreal Paris. 

Camila Cabello speaks about her beauty evolution at Loreal Paris event

Speaking to People, the 26-year-old said, "It's really evolved so much. I feel like when I was younger and I started working, beauty was just the last thing on my mind." 

She also opened up about the impact beauty had on her belonging to an immigrant family. She shared, "Being in an immigrant family...it felt frivolous to me." The Havana singer added, "Now I'm like, 'No, it's actually just an expression of joy and what it means to be alive.' I'm obsessed with beauty now. It's just so fun."

The singer recalled how her mother, Sinuhe Cabello, served as an inspiration during her impressionable years. Her mother offered beauty advice and was always honest about it. Camila said, "She will be like, 'Your whole vibe is amazing, but you got to fix that part.' For her, it's always been [about how] looking your best really makes you feel more confident. It's not some frivolous, shallow thing." She added, "It makes you feel better for you. It's true."


Camila Cabello (Getty Images)

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What makes Camila Cabello feel empowered as a woman?

In the interview, she also spoke about what made her feel empowered. Cabello shared, "When I feel the most connected to myself, when I feel aware about what my feelings are, when I feel like I'm just really in tune with myself." The Familia singer said, "To give an example, if I'm feeling tired and I'm just mindlessly scrolling through my phone, I stop and I check in with myself. I'm like, 'Okay, am I doing this because I feel anxious? Do I feel a little lonely?'"

At the Women's of Worth event hosted by Loreal, Camila introduced two out of the ten honorees. They were Estafania Rebellon of Yes We Can World Foundation as well as Samantha Wettje of 16 Strong Project.

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What is Camila Cabello's net worth?
Camila Cabello's worth USD 18 Million according on Celebrity Net Worth.

How many albums does Camila Cabello have?
Camila Cabello has released three studio albums so far.

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