Bella Hadid SLAMS New York police authorities for not wearing masks amidst COVID 19: They are for our safety

Supermodel Bella Hadid recently posted an Instagram Story to express her frustration over police authorities not adhering to proper medical guidelines amidst coronavirus. In her picture, the model was seen taking a stroll with her mask on, with a group of policemen without face masks in the background. See the picture below.
Bella Hadid SLAMS New York police authorities for not wearing masks amidst COVID 19: They are for our safety
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Bella Hadid took to Instagram yesterday to express her displeasure with the New York Police Department for not wearing masks. The supermodel appeared to be enjoying some fresh air in the Big Apple when she came across some members of the New York Police Department. When Bella noticed that they weren't wearing masks or face coverings, the 23-year-old decided to document the moment on Instagram Stories. "U guys look goofy," she wrote on one slide while sharing a photo of three officers.


Soon after, Bella captured more officers meeting outside without proper face coverings. "Hi @NYPD masks are for all of our safety, not just urs….:)," she wrote in her post.



Apart from her remarkable modelling career, Bella is known for strongly voicing her opinions.  Most recently, Bella used her voice to raise awareness for those in Beirut after a massive explosion occurred in the Lebanese capital on Tuesday, August 4. "My eyes and heart are crying for you Lebanon. Over 150 people dead, thousands injured or missing...I am sorry you have to endure this kind of disaster my brothers and sisters...I will be sending donations to the Lebanese Red Cross, as well as ALL of the smaller organizations in Beirut from the last slide of this post," Bella wrote on Instagram. 


"I hope you will join me. 300,000 people have been displaced and have become homeless. This explosion is coming during one of the hardest times for Lebanon in history...with an unprecedented economic crisis and famine, political unrest, homelessness, the pandemic and the unemployment rate plummeting  we NEED to support the people of Lebanon."


She continued, "Helping from within, through these smaller organizations can help pinpoint what necessities are most needed and where they can be sent, exactly. We need to continue to speak on this crisis, #PRAYFORLEBANON but most importantly, We need to collectively support immediate humanitarian relief. Stand UP and stand TOGETHER. I love you all out there. Beirut—I am wrapping you in a golden blanket of light and strength. I see you and support you. I am sorry," she concluded.


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Anonymous 7 months ago

Dear little miss spoiled best:. You want the police to run and protect you when you call, yet you have the nerve to berate them. Grow up and have some class, for once.