Ben Affleck asks George Clooney to ‘hire’ him; Calls him ‘the most precise director’ to work with

Updated on Oct 05, 2021 02:13 AM IST  |  49.2K
Ben Affleck and George Clooney at the red carpet of The Tender Bar premiere in LA
Ben Affleck and George Clooney at the red carpet of The Tender Bar premiere in LA.

Ben Affleck and George Clooney, two of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood have never appeared together in a film! During the red carpet event of The Tender Bar premiere in LA, the two stars were asked the same by Entertainment Tonight, and they gushed over each other's acting and directing skills, but didn't quite confirm a movie together.

"We had a great experience working together previously, he produced Argo [with me]," Affleck said, recalling the 2012 movie that helped both Clooney and Affleck win an Oscar each. The Gone Girl actor gushed over Clooney and his "experience" being a director and an actor. Later, he called The Midnight Sky actor "the best, most precise director I've worked with." Affleck also added that Clooney "creates a great environment" with his positive nature on sets.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Affleck also asked Clooney if he would be willing to hire him so that they can star in a movie together. "I mean, he's gotta cast himself and hire me. Maybe that's the next step," he said.

Calling George Clooney 'a smart actor,' Affleck lauded him for understanding exactly what the audience wants from him in a particular role. Clooney too was all praises about Affleck but seemed to be in a mood to joke around, as he didn't provide serious answers when asked about a movie with Affleck. "He's a foot taller than me! He makes me look like Mickey Rooney when I stand next to this guy," Clooney quipped adding that if he and Affleck were to ever share a screen, "it would be too much sexy."

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