Benedict Cumberbatch Birthday: When MCU star ANSWERED who is a better Sherlock between him & Robert Downey Jr

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Benedict Cumberbatch Birthday: When the actor spoke about MCU co-star RDJ and his Sherlock characters
Happy Birthday Benedict Cumberbatch: When the actor revealed who the best Sherlock Holmes is between him and RDJ

Benedict Cumberbatch is one actor who is attached to multiple major franchises and his fan base is truly diverse ranging from Star Trek to Marvel to Sherlock. While the actor is more popular as Doctor Strange in Marvel, he equally enjoys being one of the most favourite representations of Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series, Sherlock. As the actor celebrates his birthday on July 19 and turns 45, we take a look at the time the Marvel star settled one of the biggest debates. 

While fans truly enjoy Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr's camaraderie in the MCU films, when it comes to their portrayal of different versions of Sherlock Holmes, fans are left divided as to who did it better. For the unreversed, Downey Jr has also starred as the popular detective in Guy Ritchie's franchise of Sherlock Holmes. 
Even as fans haven't been able to pick to their choice between these two amazing actors, Cumberbatch during his appearance on GQ's Undercover on the Internet segment did answer about who he thinks is a better Sherlock. The actor first revealed if RDJ and him have ever discussed it saying, "We definitely don't fight over who the best Sherlock is. No, we're very lucky. We've worked in these two franchises playing these iconic characters. Jonny Lee Miller's also a friend and it's interesting. I've yet to have a real discussion with Robert about that or Jonny, really."

Check out Benedict Cumberbatch's answer on the Sherlock debate Here

Although, later in the video, Benedict jokingly called his answer "dull" and said, "I'm the best" referring to who is the best Sherlock among the two Marvel stars. 

Fans have loved Cumberbatch's portrayal of the eccentric, genius detective in the BBC series. The actor has essayed the role of Sherlock in four seasons of the BBC series and fans have been hopeful about another one. 

Who according to you essays Sherlock Holmes the best? Tell us in comments. 

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Anonymous : Benedict...duh...guy is incomparable!
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Anonymous : B.C. is the heart and soul of Sherlock.
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Anonymous : Benedict--hands down
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Anonymous : Jonny Lee Miller - better than RDJ and Bennedict. Handsdown.
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Anonymous : You never haber read a ACD story about the detective, huh?? Benedict Cumberbatch IS the best modern Sherlock.
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