Benny Blanco Admits That His Next Goal Is To Become a Father as He Dates Selena Gomez; Deets Here

Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez’s friendship began in 2015 when Blanco helped produce her track Same Old Love for her second album, Revival, they have also worked together on the 2019 song I Can’t Get Enough with J. Balvin and Tainy.

Published on May 17, 2024  |  09:32 PM IST |  86.4K
Benny Blanco Admits His Next Goal
Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez (PC: Instagram)

Imagine this, a tale of two stars, Benny Blanco and Selena Gomes, whose love story is capturing hearts worldwide. From cozy dates to red carpet appearances their love story is capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

And now, Benny has revealed his heartfelt desire to take their relationship to another level by starting a family with Selena. Yes, beyond the glitz and glamour, Blanco dreams of becoming a father and raising a child with Selena. Let’s delve further into this heartwarming revelation.

Blanco’s next goal in life is to become a father

During a recent interview on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show, Blanco didn’t shy away from expressing his desire. Benny Blanco admitted that he thinks about having kids with Selena every single day. On this host, Howard Stern asked him, “Have you told her that you want to have kids with her yet.” To which 36-year-old Blanco said, “It’s always a topic of conversation to me every day.”

Blanco’s next goal in life is to become a father. He already has a lot of godchildren and nephews, and he loves being around them. When Stern inquired if Blanco was considering proposing soon, Blanco stayed a bit reserved saying, “I take everything a day at a time. I just know that when I look at her, I just say, ‘I don’t know a world where it could be better than this.’ That’s what I truly believe.”


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The unexpected first date of Blanco and Gomez

However, Stern predicted that marriage was on the horizon for the couple. Blanco responded with a smile, “You and me both.” Stern later asks him if is he ready to propose, Benny humorously replies, “I don’t have anything. I have no shoes on! I gotta get my act together.”

Benny Blanco also discussed some sweet memories about the early days of his relationship with Selena Gomez. He recalled that on their first date, he didn’t even realize it was a date. He realized it only after Gomez said that she would have worn something different on their date.

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Timeline of Blanco and Gomez’s love story

The couple’s friendship began in 2015 when Blanco helped produce Gomez’s track Same Old Love for her second album, Revival. They have also worked together on the 2019 song I Can’t Get Enough with J. Balvin and Tainy.


At Gomez’s 31st birthday party, she posed with Blanco and Parish Hilton. The black-and-white photos showed Gomez hugging both of them. The dating rumors began from here which were later confirmed too. Yes, on December 7, Gomez confirmed her relationship with Blanco. She commented, “Facts,” on an Instagram post that had a headline saying, “Selena Gomez Seemingly Confirms Relationship With Benny Blanco.”

A couple of days later, Gomez shared a carousal captioning it as, “New York, my favourite moments [with] you this week.” The last snapshot captured a kiss between the couple.

Their first public appearance was in 2024 at the Emmys. Gomez attended The Golden Globes, where she was nominated for her role in Only Murders in the Building. Despite not winning, she posted a photo an Instagram stories sitting on Blanco’s lap with the caption, “I won.” And since then they’ve been spotted at public events, holding hands and displaying love for each other.


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How did Blanco and Gomez meet?
Their friendship began in 2015 during their collaboration on Gomez’s song Same Old Love.

When did Gomez confirm her relationship with Blanco?
Gomez confirmed their relationship on December 7, 2023, via an Instagram comment.

Has Blanco proposed to Gomez?
Blanco hasn’t proposed yet, but he expressed his desire to take their relationship to the next level.

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