Billy Ray Cyrus Gets Accused Of Domestic Abuse By Firerose Amidst Divorce

Billy Ray Cyrus recently filed for divorce from country music star Firerose, who has now accused him of domestic violence and verbal abuse.

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Instagram / Firerose
Instagram / Firerose

Trigger Warning: This article includes mention of domestic abuse.

Billy Ray Cyrus' filing for divorce from Firerose comes only a day ahead of the 36-year-old country singer's mastectomy. Billy Ray initiated his divorce proceedings against Firerose in Nashville on May 23rd after a short-lived marriage. The reasons he cited were irreconcilable differences, inappropriate behavior, and marital misconduct. 

On the other hand, Firerose has also filed for divorce of her own revealing domestic abuse as one of the causes.

Sources say Billy Ray Cyrus allegedly abused Firerose

Firerose accused the Achy Breaky Heart singer of extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse and responded with a divorce filing of her own, as per People magazine.

Firerose submitted a counter-complaint in a Tennessee court claiming that Cyrus is an unpredictable and volatile drunkard who is addicted to drugs. She also noted that he filed for divorce just before her planned surgery, as per the aforementioned outlet's sources.

The publication obtained the complaint, which stated that Firerose’s lawyers claimed she was a victim of severe verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse. They added that his continued use of drugs and smoking marijuana made him unpredictable and volatile. However, there have been no comments from Billy Ray Cyrus on the matter.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose's divorce battle runs deep


The couple married in October 2023. According to a source who previously spoke to the outlet, Cyrus filed for divorce, saying that Firerose was not the person he married. An insider of the news outlet also claimed that she got into this union because she wanted money, which has led to drama and trust issues.

Cyrus, 62, filed for divorce on May 23rd, citing irreconcilable differences as well as inappropriate marital conduct. He also sought an annulment based on fraud. Firerose denied any inappropriate marital conduct and argued that living together wasn’t safe because of how Cyrus acted towards her, as per the source.

According to the complaint obtained by the outlet, Firerose found out about being a BRCA1 gene mutation carrier in 2020. It made doctors recommend she undergo a preventive double mastectomy scheduled for May 24th, 2024. 

However, she claims that the period surrounding this operation was extremely chaotic due to Cyrus hurling cruel words at her. This made her feel lost emotionally and psychologically.


The complaint also stated that when certain issues were raised by Firerose, Cyrus would verbally attack her. The complaint specified that years of verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse combined with his cutting off funding and future opportunities left her devastated. 

As per the source-obtained complaint, it stated, “Wife has had to seek psychological treatment from her therapist for emergency sessions on more than one occasion.”

The divorce filing by Cyrus led to the postponement of Firerose's surgical process indefinitely. This was because she cut off Cyrus’s health insurance coverage and his promise to pay for the surgery.

Further, as per the source, Firerose blamed Cyrus for sabotaging her career in retaliation. She revealed that their joint manager and booking agent ceased providing her with services as requested by Cyrus, thus leading to a loss of 415,000 USD. Alimony is what Firerose seeks from Cyrus.

 Disclaimer: If you need support or know someone who is struggling with domestic violence or assault or abuse, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist, NGO or speak to someone about it. There are several helplines available for the same.


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