Black Adam: Producer Hiram Garcia REVEALS featuring ‘unique’ technology in the Dwayne Johnson starrer

Published on Aug 02, 2021 09:18 PM IST  |  116.6K
Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia reveals wants the audience to witness Black Adam’s “amazing abilities” on screen.
Dwayne Johnson starrer Black Adam will have ‘unique’ technology for the special effects scenes.

DC’s Black Adam is all set to release next summer, and while the preparations are still undergoing at full length, Hiram Garcia, a producer on the DC film, revealed that the technology being used for the movie is totally “unique.” According to the Collider via The Hollywood Reporter, the producer has opened up on how the special effects team was “put to work” to create certain elements that “has never been done before.”


“The technology we’re using to make Black Adam fly has never been done before. It’s completely unique,” he said. “It was critical for us to ensure that it felt special, authentic and real. [Director] Jaume [Collet-Serra] took that to heart. Our special effects team are Oscar winners, and we certainly put them to work,” Garcia said. Speaking of other films in the superhero genre, the producer has observed that with characters who have numerous big powers, “it’s common to see abilities fall to the wayside”.


Discussing the need to use new technology in the movie, Garcia explained that it was important to bring forth Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam’s “amazing abilities” on screen. “He has super speed, can fly and has world-breaking strength to name a few. We wanted to make sure moviegoers feel that throughout the entire movie,” he added.


According to Garcia, the goal was to “push the bar” in terms of the making of the movie. “You’re not going to see him use super speed just once and then it stops, this is part of his arsenal,” the producer added. During the interview with the Collider, via The Hollywood Reporter, Garcia has explained Black Adam’s role into the larger DC cinematic multiverse. However, the producer has also stated that the team is now focused on building their “own world,” also hinting at “crossover elements” that the audience might witness in the upcoming movie.


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