BLACKPINK: The Album's Tracklist finally unveiled with Cardi B collab; Jisoo, Jennie help write Lovesick Girls

BLACKPINK - The Album is just a few days away from its release and BLACKPINK teased BLINKS further by unveiling the tracklist while also confirming their collaboration with Cardi B for Bet You Wanna.
BLACKPINK collaborated with Cardi B for Bet You Wanna BLACKPINK: The Album's Tracklist finally unveiled with Cardi B collab; Jisoo, Jennie help write Lovesick Girls
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BLACKPINK is coming in our area this week to take over their throne as princesses of the K-pop industry. Simply titled BLACKPINK - The Album, BLINKS have been waiting forever to see their idol unveil their hard work in the form of their first official studio album release. The past few days, we've got various poster and video teasers but today's tease is probably the best one yet!

While the tracklist had been sort of leaked in the past, the official BLACKPINK - The Album Tracklist was unveiled by the members on Twitter with the Cardi B collab confirmed for Bet You Wanna. Lovesick Girls, which is the title track of BLACKPINK - The Album was already announced yesterday but BLINKS were pleasantly surprised and excited to see Jisoo and Jennie getting co-writing credits with the latter even taking part in producing the title song. Other songs to look forward to includes Pretty Savage, Crazy Over You, Love To Hate Me and You Never Know. We also have the inclusion of their recent hits How You Like That and Ice Cream with Selena Gomez.

Check out BLACKPINK - The Album Tracklist below:

Moreover, the tracklist poster featuring Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa adorably hugging each other as Lisa and Jisoo have the biggest smile on their faces was too adorable for words.

Which song are you most excited to listen to from BLACKPINK - The Album? Share your picks with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, BLACKPINK - The Album drops this Friday, i.e. October 2.

Anonymous 9 months ago

Yes but I'm having exams

Anonymous 9 months ago

So excited!!!! This is like a dream of every blink...Can't wait yayayay!!!!

Anonymous 9 months ago

super excited. Its the first time YG gave credits to Jennie and Jisoo. Well! I am happy for my girls and blinks after waiting for so long. Finally getting an entire ALBUM released in less than 3 days.

Anonymous 9 months ago

I'm waiting for "How You Like That" actually wanna see how different it comes out to be... East or west Black Pink is the best ...

Anonymous 9 months ago

How you like that is out already. It has been out since June lol.