Blake Lively Explains Why Taylor Swift Is Perfect For It Ends With Us: 'Them Together Made a Lot of Sense'

Taylor Swift’s song from Folklore is the perfect match for Blake Lively’s It Ends With Us movie.

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Youtube / Sony Pictures Entertainment, Taylor Swift via Getty Images
Youtube / Sony Pictures Entertainment, Taylor Swift via Getty Images

Blake Lively thinks Taylor Swift, her music, and her upcoming movie, It Ends With Us, sit at the same table together.

Justin Baldoni and Lively will be presenting this novel-based romantic drama, which is due for release on August 9. The official trailer features the song My Tears Ricochet, by Swift.

Taylor Swift's music and Blake Lively's It Ends With Us are much alike

Swift’s My Tears Ricochet from her Grammy-winning Folklore album of 2020, co-produced with Jack Antonoff and ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn, recounts the story of a dead woman haunting her killer with words.

As an actress as well as executive producer for It Ends With Us, Blake Lively observed that the lyrics of the song were very much like those describing Colleen Hoover’s story about Lily Bloom, who was facing domestic violence challenges. 

According to Lively, during a Q&A session at Book Bonanza, an annual event co-founded by Hoover, both the film and the song by her friend Taylor Swift were quite logical in combination. "Them together made a lot of sense," she said.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star elaborated, "Colleen is able to tell something that’s deeply personal and intimate but is able to resonate with so many people. And Taylor—she’s such an incredible writer. She writes from such personal experiences and vulnerability."


Lively also mentioned that she felt so many people could relate to it because the book series was very intimate and personal. She called Swift an amazing songwriter who often draws on personal stories or raw emotions when writing.

All about the upcoming movie adaptation of It Ends With Us

Colleen Hoover, one of the most talked-about authors, especially on TikTok, is the creator of the sensational romance novel It Ends With Us, which pivots on domestic abuse. During their discussion, Lively applauded Swift’s accomplishments and life while comparing them to what Hoover attained starting out as a self-published novelist.

Lily Bloom is also Blake’s favorite character in this movie. According to Lively, it’s important to love the character one is playing, understand it, and “just feel her heart and soul."

The film will be out in theaters on August 9, 2024. Christy Hall wrote the screenplay adaptation for the film which also stars Jenny Slate, Hasan Minhaj, Brandon Sklenar, Amy Morton, and Isabela Ferrer among others, along with Blake Lively as the lead.


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