Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston to go public with their relationship? FIND OUT

Ex-couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are rumoured to be dating again, since their breakups with Angelina Jolie and Justin Theroux. A magazine recently revealed that Jennifer wants to go public about her relationship with her ex-husband.
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have reportedly reconciled their relationship.Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have reportedly reconciled their relationship.
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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were the power couple before there was a Brangelina (Brad and Angelina Jolie). The ex-couple, who began dating in 1999, got hitched in 2000. However, in 2004, Brad and Angelina filed for a divorce. During the divorce drama, affair rumours began between Brad and Angelina on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005). Years later, Jennifer got married again to Justin Theroux, while Brangelina got hitched in 2014 and was blessed with six children. However, in September 2016, Brad and Angelina ended their marriage while in March 2018, Jennifer broke things off with Justin. 

Immediately, the rumour mill went on an overdrive. The fact that, after more than a decade, Brad was publicly seen in the same place as Jennifer had Twitterati in a state of trance. Recently, Brad attended Jennifer's 50th birthday bash in LA, California. After Pitt and Jolie were granted bifurcated judgment to dissolve their married status and officially be single this week, Star Magazine reported that Jennifer wants to go public with her ex-husband. The source shared with the magazine that she has stepped aside from any other probable relationships because she saw her reconciliation with Brad coming from a mile away and that there is no one who comes close in terms of attraction.

However, Brad still wants to explore his options. "They’ll go on dates, but nothing will be exclusive for now. She’s fine with that, but if Brad finally feels like he wants to get serious, Jen is more than ready,” the source added.



Gossip Cop debugged the story claiming the story as false.

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Their temperament didn't match then but they were intelligent enough to realize it, that is why they parted as friends. Brad pit is a good looking adventurer but used to be immature and irreverent while Jen is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. They're not good for each other. He is the exact womanizer type that needs to navigate from woman to woman to feel himself still worthy. While she is a faithful and ideal woman for a family. But i understand the public yearning to see them together. But i agree Jen deserves a better man than him. and he is not a stable relation type of guy.


Jenn and Brad could of spent all these years together if only Jen was willing to squeeze a baby out.

I would love to see them reunite staying together for the children is rubbish people deserve second chances BRAD AND JENNIFER all the way :))

I think there just friends that’s all

True love doesn't run off with another woman. What was missing the first time will be missing the second time as well. This was no ordinary affair. He married Angelina and had several children. I say too much water under the bridge, too much time has passed. Jen will come to her senses at some point and realized she carried a torch all this time for no reason

Why would any women take Brad back knowing the type of man he is?? Allowing him to make the call and jump back and forth as he pleases. Both Jennifer and Angelina are deserving of far better men then him. Please don't allow men/women to manipulate you into accepting a relationship that can allow them to have their cake and eat it too! Regardless of LOVE or not!!Value yourself more!!

What Brad had for Angie was lust but for Jen, it's True love. They had both tasted other sides, they can now work better on their love now. Jen is calm and loving... Brad will value her now than before. His mom also love Jen and never stopped.

It’s sad there’s children involved. They should try to get back together for the children’s sake, but if not, they should be on good terms in front of them. As far as Jennifer, if they still have true chemistry, why not, but if I were Jennifer, I would have trust issues, saying that, I would take him back, he’s Brad Pitt!

Why people so busy they life.let them settle by themselves.Most of them already adult,hallo.come on.oh OMG.I don't see Angelina this only person to blame.Aniston also been married to Justin Theroux.Fair and Square.Respect to Angelina ,she clever enough,she moved on.If man is a cheater,he won't stop.So ladies keep away from him.

Nah, they don't have that perfect chemistry.

I believe Brad and Jen are meant to be. I think Brad fell in love with the idea of Angelina the wild,mysterious,beautiful, seductive woman who he could conquer, but comes with a lot of baggage. Jen on the other hand is beautiful as well, grounded, calm and very funny. Now that Brad got to explore and has grown i really hope he realizes that what he had with Jennifer is everlasting.whatever happens i wish all of them peace and happiness. I adore all three of them.

I believe they should reconcile. Jennifer has never stopped loving Brad,her love is real. I think Brad was in love with the idea of the beautiful wild seductive Angelina, but with that comes a lot of baggage. Jennifer is beautiful as well but has a very different aura about her. I not only think that Brad and Jen are meant to be, i think they are gorgeous together and i want nothing more than to see them make their once marriage they had be everything a beaytiful marriage should be. They have both grown

The world is in a uproar, churches are being burned, people killing each other. Honestly,who gives a damn about these people.

Never say never. I met my soulmate at 21, went off got married cause he was a R&R musician that I never thought I stood a chance with. 9 years later and many messages and calls, even though I was married there was one true love for me. I left my marriage and for the last almost 32 years have been so deeply in love with my soul mate, that I can't imagine a day without him now.

Love has nothing with beauty but with honest feelings. What is built on falsehood is false: Thanks God that there are still principles and values.

I don't think Brad was as in love with Jen in the first place,no one could have taken his interest away from his wife if he was so in love. Everyone blames the other women but he had the option to say I love my wife but i"m flattered. It's values and trust that keeps a marriage. I just wonder if there is a point to prove I can have him back,but he has 6 beautiful children that someone else gave him that has to hurt. That is so important if your a family person. Out of all this he is truly the blessed one with his amazing family. It's about trust if that can truly happen again.once it's gone there will always be doubt.

It is NONE of anybody's business what they do or who they're with. Gossipers have too much time on their hands. Go do some much needed volunteer work.

No,she needs to move on,and leave brad,aloneshe has always been stocking Angelina, and brad,she gets married the same year,she went to the same events, that they would go to,she knows what she was doing ,and l hiw Brad and Angelina went thru a divorce, its do HAPPENS that she goes theu a divorce, can't anyone see that ,she need to move on, and ley Brad be HAPPY with his kids.

You mean stalking?

No,they don't,Jennifer,needs to stop,and move on,she needs to get a life, she imitated, everything, Brad did when he was with Angelina, getting married the same year, going to events ,that they were going to she was like stoking g in a sense,she never stop loving the guy,but BRAD ,NEEDS TO BE WITH HIS KIDS,AND FIND SOMEONE WITH SAME MORROWS,SHE NEEDS TP LEAVE HIM ALINE ,I THINK,BUT ITS SO SAD SHE IS TRYING PAYBACK,AND THATS NOT GOOD,.

Important suggestion for Brad, he needs to know that he is 55 years old with 6
children, that is his world. There is only 1 person who would love and care for those children and adores Brad...He would be a real fool to not understand that Jennifer is the only person that can truly offer and give him a stable family which is wbat be has sought for while living and married to a nightmare w Angeline Jolie. pull yourself together Brad, you are not a young kid anymore and need to see that the perfect woman, is standing up for you, and your biggest advocate. Better not let her go..she is your key to peace a d harmony...a beautiful woman, both inside and out,a d Godbless the woman who gives someone like Brad, a second chance. Best wishes. Diana

Brad should go back to Angela Jodi each one of them should forgive each other and take care of those lovely children so stop being childish and grow up those children need you both. Jan would love those children like Angela. So forgive her for the children sake no one is perfect so you might as well stay with the one that love you enough to you children.

It really was painful to see you when Brad left you. But the heart is stronger. I just hate to see you hurt again you deserve the best and to be loved by the most wonderful man. You deserve the fairy tail. Get in this relationship with no doubt. If you do get in it. We all just want to see you happy.

This is so sad!!

I don’t believe it. I doubt seriously they would ever be more than friends however, you never can tell. I’d like them both to find that right person and be happy.

Dont. Jen you deserve better. Brad is a mixed up scum bag

Once a cheater,always a cheater.

You won the internet today!

Just pointing out a mistake in the article that can be rectified." In 2004, brad and Jennifer " Not brad and Angelina. It doesn't make sense

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