Brad Pitt FINALLY breaks his silence on the Jennifer Aniston dating rumours

Brad Pitt was asked by a cameraman about the Jennifer Aniston dating rumours that have been making the rounds since his split with Angelina Jolie. Read below to know what Brad had to say about the same.
Brad Pitt had a very funny reaction when a cameraman asked him about the Jennifer Aniston dating rumours.Brad Pitt had a very funny reaction when a cameraman asked him about the Jennifer Aniston dating rumours.
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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were the ultimate power couple before Brangelina was born. The pair was the talk of the town throughout their marriage up until their untimely split in 2005. Around the same time, it was being reported that a romance was brewing between Brad and Angelina. Brangelina would then get married, only to split not so amicably in 2016. On the other hand, Jennifer moved on with Justin Theroux and even got married to the actor but later divorced in 2018. 

Ever since Jen's split with Justin, the rumour mill is on overdrive about Pitt and Aniston's reconciliation. The speculations became even more rampant when Brad made a surprise appearance at Jennifer's 50th birthday bash in LA, in February 2019. For the first time ever, Brad has openly addressed the Jennifer Aniston dating rumours, albeit not on his own accord. A cameraman followed Brad as he was walking towards his car in LA on Friday. According to Entertainment Online, the cameraman asked Brad point blank, "I gotta ask you, everyone wants to know, are you and Jen getting back?"

Pitt laughed off the question and simply responded, "Oh my god." Before driving off in his SUV, the actor said, "All right, have a good one," to the cameraman.

Do you think Brad and Jennifer are back together? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, Brad's next outing is Once Upon a Time In Hollywood while Jennifer stars in Murder Mystery.

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If they are happy I am happy for them

Their a perfect match from the beginning.

Their a perfect match from the beginning.

You know what¹? They are human!! Life happens and I think they look great together, but that might not be where life leads them. Let them find their way

I wish she never let him get close to her again, once a looser always a loser

They look Perfect together.I always admired them.Hoping they get back together.

I wish they never broke up. The looked so sane and good together.

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