Brad Pitt's Old Roommate From His Pre-Fame Days Reveal A Tid-Bit About The Star; Deets Inside

Jason Priestley and Brad Pitt often played a gross game to see who could go the longest without bathing, with Brad Pitt consistently winning.

Published on Jan 17, 2024  |  11:38 AM IST |  51K
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According to Jason Priestley who who used to live with Brad Pitt, before gaining Hollywood fame, Pitt would enjoy days without showering. On Tuesday, Priestley reflected on their brief time living together pre-fame along with one other person in a crappy part of L.A telling the tale on Live with Kelly and Mark.

Priestley says he and Pitt would frequently play a game to see who among them could go the longest without bathing. And as it turns out, Priestley says there was a consistent winner which was Brad Pitt.

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Jason Priestley (Getty)

Jason Priestley said that Brad Pitt didn't shower for days

On Tuesday, 16 January Jason Priestley shared his experience living with Brad Pitt on Live with Kelly and Mark, revealing their former gross game. Priestley says he and Brad Pitt have cleaned up their acts since they were roommates years ago.

Priestley said he and the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor shared a two-bedroom apartment in a crappy part of LA with one other guy Before becoming famous. While Priestley remembered Pitt being a decent roommate, something else about the actor made a strong impression. “We used to play this game to see who could go the longest without showering,” the Beverly Hills, 90210 star confessed. “I think about it now and I’m like, ‘Dude, how disgusting, what were you thinking?’”


When host Kelly Ripa asked him about who went the longest without bathing, Priestley confirmed it was Pitt saying, “Brad. Always Brad.”

Priestley said that he doesn't think Pitt's into those games anymore, given his flashy A-list status and all however he says he can't confirm this definitively. “I don’t think he does that anymore, but back then, he could go a long time without showering.”

Jason Priestley (Getty)

Jason Priestley has no regrets about leaving Los Angeles

Jason Priestley also opened up about his move from California to Nashville, Tennessee, during his appearance on Live with Kelly and Mark. “So you moved from L.A. to Nashville, the whole family. What’s that been like? Do you miss L.A.?” Kelly Ripa asked the actor. to which Priestley replied, “No, I don’t. I don’t miss it at all. Nashville, if any of you have ever been to Nashville, it’s an awesome city. Really fun. You know, we love it there.”

The actor continued, “We started looking around at high schools for our daughter and we didn’t like any of the options for her in Los Angeles, so we started expanding our search and we ended up in Nashville, Tennessee, because we found an amazing school there for our kids."

Kelly Ripa also asked him if his kids know or watch 90210, and the 90s star replied, "Uh, yes. They know about it. My daughter for a while wanted to watch episodes of the show but only wanted to watch them with me so she could make fun of me. My flip phone, my mom jeans — all the stuff. She thought it was hilarious."

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How old is Jason Priestley ?
Jason Priestley is 54 years old.

How many kids does Jason Priestley have?
Jason Priestley has 2 kids.

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