Bridgeton: Regé Jean Page REACTS to having the show compared to 50 Shades Of Grey; Jokes ‘Maybe 45’

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Bridgeton: Regé Jean Page REACTS to having the show compared to 50 Shades Of Grey; Jokes ‘Maybe 45’

Netflix’s newest hit Bridgeton has everyone talking. The series’ lead actor Regé-Jean Page who played the irresistible Duke of Hastings on the show recently reacted to all the comparisons between the show and Fifty Shades of Grey (due to the steamy scenes). The British-Zimbabwean actor opened up to Variety magazine and said that the series is something like Jane Austen and Gossip Girl combined, he jokingly also said “maybe like 45 Shades of Grey” instead of 50. He continued that the cast had a lot of fun in the 1813 period drama costumes and the show’s romance and fantasy combination is like a “big warm Regency hug.”


When asked about the steamy scenes, the actor revealed they weren’t easy, and that they had an intimacy coordinator on set. He shared with the magazine that for him, it freed up his work fo much to have had someone to guide, direct and protect him, he also felt comforted to be looked after by a professional intimacy coordinator. He even joked about knowing that people do these things without intimacy coordinators at times. 


During the chat, Page also revealed that since he’s showing so much skin in the show, he had to warn his family members ahead of time. He stated that since he’s shirtless in many scenes of the drama, he’s been sending out “warning texts” to his family members since the release of the show. He disclosed that at the moment, his family WhatsApp group is full of “exclamation points in the middle of flashing red light emojis.” He also recalled telling his family that while he knows everyone (in the family) is excited to watch me on the show but please know what you’re getting into, a “de-robed Regé going on this Christmas.”


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Anonymous : He absolutely is! Such a complex person! Hopefully not tragically so. At once embodies masculine and feminine. Lusty, seductive and secretive and intimate.
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Anonymous : to men and women
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Anonymous : This man is totally drool worthy !!
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