Brie Larson has the most savage response to youtube trolls: Keep your comments to yourself

After only a month of starting her youtube channel Brie Larson has received a lot of hate on her videos and now the actress is addressing the trolls. The Marvel Cinematic Universe alum clapped back at haters in her latest YouTube video. Watch below.
Brie Larson has the most savage response to youtube trolls: Keep your comments to yourself
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Brie Larson has a message for haters! The Marvel actress finally addressed YouTube trolls in her latest video which sees the Captain Marvel actress telling them not to bother to comment.

"Please like the video, if you liked it. If you didn't like it, keep your comments to yourself," says Larson in her fourth YouTube video which shows the MCU star exercising.


Brie Larson started her own YouTube channel last month amidst quarantine during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Since starting her channel, Brie has posted four videos and received a lot of trolling on those, for no good reason. The first video posted has over 131 dislikes, the second has 21k dislikes, the third video which saw a huge dip in views has 9.2k dislikes, and the current fourth video has 5.4k dislikes.



Social media users have not been kind in the comment section as well; One user said: “Okay this was a snooze fest--nothing is of any value here and she’s just talking in circles.” Another added: “Literally nothing of substance, this comes across like Tom Cruise rambling about Scientology.”


The video shows Brie Larson doing various stretches with trainer Jason Walsh who at the end looks like he is about to burst out with laughter as Larson isn't confident that her fans that are watching the video will actually do the exercise. "I want to say thank you to everybody that watched the video or who got to the workout to this point," says Larson. "It's unclear if anyone is actually going to do the workout along with us... Or just enjoy watching me struggle."


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Anonymous 5 months ago

I think Brie is awesome! Love that she is so natural and kind. Plus a awesome hate people need to look in the mirror and shut your mouths nobody wants to hear your hate crap. I also think her channel is very cool.

Anonymous 8 months ago

First she is the movie industry since she was 4, and she can't use a camera and a mic. Are you joking ? I have a point a view, I don't like her terrible actress, non of the Avengers cast liked her she was toxic as fuck ! She got an Oscar for what being a angry/sad/feminist, 0 acting skills. She will not be in Star Wars because people don't like her. Just stop pressing this ''actress'' in our faces, WHY she is on Youtube her channel got 300k subs for what ? What content ? She dose not edit she got a crew behind her. People really don't like her, this troll thing is retarded.

Anonymous 8 months ago

Here you go shitting yourself with hatred.