Brie Larson REVEALS she has NO idea when Captain Marvel 2 is releasing

MCU actress Brie Larson does not know when the next Captain Marvel is going to release or what it’s going to be about.
Brie Larson REVEALS she has NO idea when Captain Marvel 2 is releasing
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While the fans have all the theories in place for the upcoming Captain Marvel Sequel, actor Brie Larson, who stars in the MCU film, has absolutely no idea about the details of her upcoming film. The sequel of Captain Marvel is one of the highly anticipated movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since the makers announced that there is going to be part two, the fans have been excited to see Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in a post-Endgame world. However, Larson recently revealed that she is as clueless as the fans are.

During an interview with Variety, when the actress was asked if she knew when she would be doing the next Captain Marvel film, she admitted that she does not know when it is going to happen. She also mentioned that she has not started working on any projects and does not know what she is going to do next. The actress is taking it slow and focusing on doing what she wants to do outside of my job.

While she might not have decided what she is going to do next, there is one thing she’s got all figured out -- how to deal with the negativity from certain fans when it comes to Captain Marvel. While the film successfully impressed the audience and was a major hit at the box office, there were few who slammed the superhero movie. However, it did not bother the actress because she wasn’t aware of the backlash until very recently. During the interaction, the actress revealed that she was largely unaware of the toxic sexist criticism that her film was subjected to.

Reacting to the negative backlash, the actress asserted that she did not know about it because she does not have time for all that. She stated that she would rather spend her time making sure she is taking care of herself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle than go through hate comments on social media. She also revealed that unlike many other actors and actresses, Larson has never googled herself.

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