Britney Spears' attorney tells judge to end her conservatorship 'completely and inevitably' this fall

Updated on Sep 23, 2021 01:24 PM IST  |  53.6K
Mathew Rosengart filed paperwork telling the judge that he expects Britney's conservatorship to end
Britney Spears just confirmed her engagement to her longtime lover, actor Sam Asghari


Britney Spears' lawyer told a court on Wednesday that her conservatorship should be revoked "completely and inevitably" this fall. As per Variety, in a court filing, her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, said that his main goal is to remove her father, Jamie Spears, from the position of conservator of her estate, which has given him authority over her contracts and money for the past 13 years. Rosengart is requesting that Judge Brenda Penny replace him on September 29 with someone who can perform the position on a “temporary, short-term” basis.

However, Spears just confirmed her engagement to her longtime lover, actor Sam Asghari, according to Rosengart. Before she can marry, Spears will need a prenuptial agreement, which will need the participation of her conservator. Rosengart said that since Spears' connection with her father is shattered, her father's continuing participation would simply delay the required discussions. Interestingly, Jamie Spears urged the court to terminate the conservatorship altogether in a petition filed on Sept. 7, following two months of legal fighting.

In response, as per Variety, Rosengart said on Wednesday that Spears “fully consents” to the conservatorship being terminated as soon as possible and intends to submit a petition to do so once Jamie Spears is removed. He said that Jodi Montgomery, who has served as Spears' "person's" conservator, also supports the termination, "subject to proper transition and asset protection."

Meanwhile, Rosengart also requested that the court hold a hearing on terminating the conservatorship completely “at its soonest convenience,” and said that a termination plan would be in place at that time.

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