BTS ARMY has a meltdown over Taekook as fan reveals V and Jungkook went shopping together post latter's V Live

Updated on Oct 23, 2020 07:18 AM IST  |  13.8M
BTS' V and Jungkook apparently went on a shopping date yesterday
BTS ARMY has a meltdown over Taekook as fan reveals V and Jungkook went shopping together post latter's V Live

Yesterday was a blessed day for BTS ARMY as we not only got V sharing some epic snaps on Weverse along with J-Hope spreading some sunshine with his handsome selcas on Twitter, but three BTS members also had separate V Live sessions. Jimin, Suga and Jungkook treated fans with fun content while Kookie, in particular, left us all breathless because of his ponytail hairdo and black attire.

Now, there is another reason why The Golden Maknae is trending. And, it's not just him but even V as ARMY are going gaga over Taekook. As per a fellow ARMY member @i1siRqq24ahCzVC via another ARMY member @_bluvie's translation's translation, it was revealed that Taehyung and Jungkook were said to have gone on a shopping date right after the latter's V Live session. The ARMY member disclosed that her eldest son, who is the same age as JK saw TaeTae and Kookie shopping together and since he was an ARMY member himself, he was very excited. Moreover, Jungkook's face was covered with a mask and hat but apparently, her son just knew that it was Kookie by looking at his beautiful eyes.

As expected, ARMY had an instant meltdown over Taekook's supposed shopping trip and trended the famous duo on Twitter. From cooing over how V and Jungkook are the ultimate shopping buddies with various callbacks to hilariously trying to decode the shopping date to a Taekook subunit in BTS' upcoming album BE, the fandom had a field day, for sure!

Check out the original tweet about V and Jungkook's shopping trip along with how BTS ARMY reacted to Taekook's fun day below:

We adore Taekook and how!

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