BTS ARMY showers Selena Gomez with love after Jin and Jungkook spotted in new doll version Boyfriend video

BTS fans are showing Selena Gomez massive support after she released a doll version of her song Boyfriend and it featured Bangtan Boys Jin and Jungkook.
BTS ARMY showers Selena Gomez with love after Jin and Jungkook spotted in new doll version Boyfriend video
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Who knew Selena Gomez would give a shoutout to BTS? The singer recently released a new version of her song Boyfriend. The video, shot in stop-motion, reenacted the original Boyfriend video with the help of dolls. The video watched Selena's doll version headed out on dates before she turns them into frogs, exactly like the OG video. While the video serves as a fun watch, eagle-eyed ARMY members noticed the doll versions of BTS singers Jin and Jungkook in the video. 

Fans pointed out that the dolls belonged to the Bangtan Boys' 2019 Mattel collaboration. The video gives a close look at Jin. The doll version of Seokjin is seen on a date with Selena. However, it is difficult to spot Jungkook in the first go. At the 1:06 minute of the video, fans can spot the JK in the background, sporting his redhead hairdo and a denim ensemble. That's not all, fans also noticed that when Selena's doll walks through the wardrobe of clothes, there are a few outfits hanging that belong to the BTS doll collection. 

It seems like Selena might not even know about the crossover! Nevertheless, the ARMY is showering the singer with love. Several comments on the video call other ARMY members to show their support to the video. 

Confirming the use of BTS dolls, the creator of the video who goes by the Instagram doll account selenagomez.doll told Teen Vogue, "I used the BTS dolls in my video because they have a lot of articulation, so it’s easy for me to move their arms and to position them however I want to!"

Check out the video below:

Do you think it is a sign that Selena Gomez should collaborate with BTS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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