BTS ARMY trend #WeLoveYouBlackArmy to show solidarity for Black Lives Matter: We support you, will be with you

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Black Lives Matter protests have taken over the US, especially after the death of African American, George Floyd, due to police violence.

Over the past few weeks, BTS has been providing a safe space for ARMY to get distracted by the harsh reality, that is our life, by providing new content on a silver platter. Whether it be Break The Silence or the ongoing FESTA 2020 activities, BTS is doing everything in their power to make ARMY smile. Moreover, whenever BTS drops any content, whether it be a video or even a simple selfie, ARMY floods Twitter with millions and millions of tweets to make it a worldwide trend.

However, with Break The Silence and FESTA 2020, ARMY has been keeping the interaction very low-key because they don't want to deviate the attention from the Black Lives Matter movement, which has risen again, especially after the death of African American, George Floyd, due to police violence. Protests are taking place all over the United States as the divide increases between the citizens and its government. Instead of trending BTS topics, ARMY instead started trending #WeLoveYouBlackArmy to show solidarity for Black Lives Matter.

Immediately, the hashtag became the #1 trend in South Korea as fans poured positive thoughts for their social media allies. Many of the messages left were very emotional and heartwarming and proves why ARMY is a special fandom.

Fellow ARMY member @choi_bts2 tweeted, "We support you and will be with you. It must be changed in this generation. Please stay safe please stay strong. #WeLoveYouBlackArmy #BlackLivesMatter," while @globalARMYforce commented, "We may not fully feel nor understand how hurt you must've been these past days, but we're praying that you're NEVER EVER be hurt again. We want to see your smile & your laughter. While we wait for that, just remember that WERE HERE FOR U #WeLoveYouBlackArmy #BlackLiveMattters."

Check out some #WeLoveYouBlackArmy ARMY tweets that have been shared on Twitter below:

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A truly exceptional gesture indeed!


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