BTS Break The Silence: ARMY begs V to release his new song; Fans breakdown over Jin's 2018 MAMA speech

BTS released the first set of episodes of Break The Silence. V's new song tease and Jin's 2018 MAMA speech were included in the docu-series and it left the ARMY emotional AF.
BTS Break The Silence: ARMY begs V to release his new song; Fans breakdown over Jin's 2018 MAMA speech BTS Break The Silence: ARMY begs V to release his new song; Fans breakdown over Jin's 2018 MAMA speech
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BTS released two episodes of their new docu-series titled Break The Silence. The docu-series follows the Bangtan Boys through their days of “Love Yourself Tour,” running between from 2018 to 2019, and “Speak Yourself Tour.” The first two episodes of the series with RM, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, V and Suga in the heart of these moments. These are not just moments from backstage but also intimate moments while they are on tour. But there were a few moments that left the ARMY gushing. 

One of the biggest talking points from the episodes was of Taehyung sharing a glimpse of his unreleased song. The singer plays the song for Jungkook. The moment shed light on the Sweet Night crooner's bond with Kookie. "You should try songwriting too," suggest the Golden Maekan as he heard the song. The glimpse left fans begging him to release the song. Apart from the tease, fans also got emotional when TaeTae gushed about the support he receives from the ARMY. 

In one portion of the episode, Taehyung sits in front of the camera and confessed that the ARMY makes him want to perform in better way. "They’re all here to see us. It makes me want to perform in new and better ways so that there are more things for Army to see," he said. The love he shows for the ARMY has left fans in tears. 

But the ARMY did not expect to find themselves in a pool of tears when they revisited Jin's emotional 2018 MAMA speech. The singer confessed he was worried before he arrived on the stage. He wanted to give the ARMY the best. "This award... I would've cried today no matter if we won this award or not. I wanted to repay because we worked so hard and received so much love from you guys. Thank you so so much and I want to say thanks to the members who are together with me at this moment. Thank you. I love you," he said in the speech. 

The revisit left fans crying like babies. Check out the reactions to V's song and Jin's speech below: 

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Anonymous 12 months ago

We are really happy for you. Fighting..

Anonymous 1 year ago

BTS is sh*t

Anonymous 1 year ago

How can u write such hurtful words. I don't believe someone can be this cruel. They got what they deserve and no one can stop the ones to get what they deserves.

Anonymous 1 year ago

How can u say that ....??u can sing then why don't u release a song...if u don't like their song..we get it but can't u just mind ur own buisness and ignore if they get the awards they deserve....u know how hurtful it would be for a person who work hard day and nyt just to listen to u people bullsh*t..i don't understand why people hate on them ....or any other singers....u people r the reason many k pop stars choose to end their lives... honestly...u people are disgusting

Anonymous 1 year ago

Nobody asked for your opinion in a BTS article

Anonymous 1 year ago

But you know them anyway. They don't know you though! Ponder upon that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯