BTS: Indian fans celebrate Jungkook, RM and Jimin's birthdays by raising funds to donate for a SPECIAL cause

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BTS: Indian fans celebrate Jungkook, RM and Jimin's birthdays by raising funds to donate for a SPECIAL cause

We will never be tired of reaffirming that BTS' fandom aka the ARMY makes the world a better place to live in. It is no secret that the ARMY works on social projects to celebrate the members' birthdays. From making donations to charity organisations with the aim to help those in need to hosting a massive sampling planting drive, the ARMY finds special ways to mark the Bangtan Boys' birthdays. This year, a group of Indian BTS fans, Team Bangtan India, is raising funds to support a cause to celebrate Jungkook, RM and Jimin's birthday. 

Jungkook recently celebrated his birthday. He turned a year older on September 1. Namjoon will celebrate his birthday on September 12. Whereas Mochi celebrates his birthday on October 13. The fan group announced that they were raising funds to donate towards Cuddles Foundation. The organisation helps arrange food and nutrition along with caregiver support to children battling cancer. The group aimed at collecting Rs 2 lakhs. However, they have surpassed the cap in the matter of a few days. 

Speaking with Pinkvilla, a member of the team said, "We kicked off the project on 26th August with a goal of 10K INR, because we honestly did not expect to garner such a massive response for it. However, as of 5th September, just 10 days in, we have already garnered 2.3 lac+ INR for the cause. We do not have an upper cap on the donations and will continue it until Jimin's birthday." This isn't the first time that the team has worked towards a cause to celebrate a BTS member's birthday. The team made a donation towards Sahodari Foundation for members J-Hope and Suga's birthdays. "We try to do social projects on behalf of BTS x ARMY for members' birthdays and the group's anniversary as frequently as we can," the team said. 

Bangtan India explained that when they were ideating for projects to celebrate Jungkook, RM and Jimin's birthday, they came across Cuddles Foundation. "We realised that we had never done anything for this cause before so it really resonated with us. September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Therefore, we decided to go ahead and make a donation project for this cause for the three members' birthdays," they said. 

Earlier this year, the team also undertook the project of raising funds to help those affected by COVID-19. "Through our project, in association with 21 of our regional associates, Indian ARMYs successfully registered a total contribution of  2.6 lac INR in 2 weeks in donations to various funds," they said. 

We always look up to the ARMY. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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Anonymous : BTS army forever!Borahae!!
REPLY 4 9 months ago
Anonymous : Hi ..I'm an ARMY from India but i stay in Singapore ...I'm super happy to see ...this good work of Bts ARMy in India ....I want to donate too .....if possible ..but i dnt knw how ..pls help me...
REPLY 5 9 months ago
Anonymous : I am very very very happy to know that BTS is also famous in India. #Proud to be an Indian
REPLY 24 10 months ago
Anonymous : As an A. R. M. Y. We thank BTS who inspired millions of people through their music and messages we are looking forward to more Indian people get engage in BTS For more info follow @bangtan_india on Instagram... Thank-you
REPLY 36 10 months ago
Anonymous : Yaaaeahhh!! InDian Btsarmy❤️❤️❤️Proud to be an indian
REPLY 31 10 months ago
Anonymous : Where can we donate the money
REPLY 18 10 months ago
Anonymous : Just go to @bangtan_india Instagram page,in bio you will get the link. Thankyou ~A. R. M. Y.
REPLY 11 10 months ago
Anonymous : God bless all of you BTS ARMY
REPLY 28 10 months ago