BTS' J Hope & V REVEAL what they'd do if they finally got to meet Permission to Dance collaborator Ed Sheeran

Updated on Jul 17, 2021 09:35 AM IST  |  219.6K
Jungkook hopes BTS "have more chances to work with Ed Sheeran."

Permission to Dance, BTS' latest feel-good peppy dance track which was a heartwarming gift to their fandom on ARMY Day, i.e. July 9, saw the popular South Korean boy band collaborate with Ed Sheeran for the second time after their hit single, Make It Right. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the BTS members were all praises for PTD, which Ed co-wrote with Steve Mac, Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid and Jenna Andrews.

J-Hope recalled that when Ed sent them PTD, or as he calls it - "this amazingly good song" - they "couldn't resist it" as soon as they listened to the tune. Hobi added how BTS "thought" that PTD "went really well with our image too" and hence, "we just went with it." Surprisingly, the Bangtan Boys have never actually met Sheeran face-to-face. However, they do look forward to meeting the Grammy-winning musician someday. As for what they'd do if they finally got to hang out with Ed, V revealed, "I'd tell him I'm a really big fan," while J-Hope added, "I'd sing him our song!"

Jungkook, on the other hand, shared how he's "really thankful to" Sheeran and that he hopes BTS "have more chances to work with him." While Ed did sing the original version which he had sent to BTS, the septet admitted that they hadn't thought about the possibility of the Bad Habits singer providing his vocals for PTD. Taehyung chimed in, "I would listen to it every day if that happened!"

Nevertheless, Permission to Dance still turned out to be a major mood booster especially in the harsh times of the COVID-19 pandemic!

Would you like for BTS and Ed Sheeran to collaborate for the third time, after Permission to Dance and Make It Right, this time with an ft. Ed Sheeran? Share your honest, personal thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, Permission to Dance MV has already crossed the 150 million mark.