BTS' Jimin vs TWICE's Jeongyeon: Retracing the alleged 'beef' between the two K pop idols

There were several instances where interactions between BTS and TWICE may have hinted at a 'rivalry' between Jimin and Jeongyeon. Read below as we retrace the same moments and try to decipher as to what really happened between the two K pop idols.
Jimin and Jeongyeon are rumoured to have dated before their BTS and TWICE debuts, which didn't end on a good note.
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To say that K-pop bands have taken over the world would be an understatement! There's a sense of charm attached to the male and female K-pop idols that set them apart from the rest. Given their loyal fan culture, bands like BTS and TWICE have an enthusiastic amount of fame and fortune. But with mega-stardom, there are flaws as well! Idols like to keep their private lives away from the spotlight and focus more on their music, but there's a section of their respective fandoms who go the extra mile and want to know - EVERYTHING!

Case in point, we have popular BTS and TWICE members Jimin and Jeongyeon! Between ARMY and ONCE, there have been heated discussions in the past as to what really went down between Jimin and Jeongyeon and whether something actually happened in the first place. If you go across social media platforms and YouTube, you'll find many fan evaluations of their 'hidden' beef, which is supposedly apparent during public appearances. One viral moment happened at Music Bank where BTS and TWICE were being interviewed in the same room. The Bangtan Boys started singing their hit song Spring Day with TWICE joining along. However, it was in the end when Jeongyeon sang loudly and got the weirdest look from Chim Chim.

In case you wanted all the visual proof, watch the fan-made video of Jimin and Jeongyeon moments below:

This had Twitterati wondering if there was a real beef between the two, even though neither has publicly addressed the fan-made rivalry. Then, during a VLive session, when the rest of the nonet were dancing along to BTS songs, Jeongyeon seemed thoroughly uncomfortable and even stepped away from the cameras. Even Nayeon points at her laughing about something mischevious, which had ONCE and ARMY deciphering the meaning again.

While backstage during Music Core, Jeongyeon had an expression that could rival Jimin's Music Bank expression when Jimin, the MC at the time, appeared next to them on a television screen going over the top yet adorable with his act. On SBS Inkigayo, when Jeongyeon was MC, along with her sister Seungyeon, were joined on stage by BTS, the TWICE member started mimicking the septet and got a major laugh out of Jimin.

At the 2016 Idol Star Athletics Ssireum Futsal Archery Championships, taking a u-turn in their supposed heat, there were several cutesy moments between Jimin and Jeongyeon as they saw each other quite a many times and even shared sweet smiles.

Check out recent tweets by ARMY and ONCE regarding Jimin vs. Jeongyeon below:

Many assume that the two had a relationship prior to their debuts and things fell out on a bad note. Some feel it could be more of a 'sibling' rivalry between the two while some think that it's just plain hatred, with absolutely no reason attached.

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Unless we hear it from the horse's mouth, ARMY and ONCE will continue to be left baffled over the question - What really happened between Jimin and Jeongyeon?


Idk I get confused a lot about this topic. I mean, honestly Jeongyeon and Jimin have so much beef but at the same time, I can’t even count how many videos I’ve seen of their ‘moments’. They are one of the biggest topics in Kpop, but for now I guess we should just wait and see if they might say something to the public to clear some of the confusion.

Past is past, we should let go of past histories and grab on to future history, we have to understand we don't have the right to interfere with their business, idols are still human, they have rights. Anyways, don't forget to love yourself, speak yourself!

I don't think these two have problems because of a past relationship because we would have at least seen one picture on the internet of that. Either way Jimin is my bias and Jeongyeon is my bias as well so even if something did happen the past is the past and we must learn to forget and move on. We have to try and stop making the idols uncomfortable and trying to find a clue about them they are not comfortable sharing with us. Sorry if this comment sucks I'm not very good at english:) always remember to love yourselves♡

i honestly think jeongyeon wants attention but idk.

wow well aren't you misogynistic

And what makes you think that, miss genius??

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