BTS: Jimin's advice to I LAND trainees about never forgetting their fans and loving their members wins hearts

Before the members of ENHYPEN was formed on I-LAND's final episode, BTS members J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook shared some sound advice with the trainees.
BTS: Jimin's advice to I LAND trainees about never forgetting their fans and loving their members wins hearts
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The final episode of the K-pop survival show I-LAND took place last night and while tears were shed over Daniel and K's shocking eliminations, the seven members of the new boy group ENHYPEN was unveiled. We had Yang Jungwon at No. 1 with 1,417,620 votes, Jay at No. 2 with 1,192,889 votes and Jake at No. 3 1,179,633 votes.

Niki was placed at No. 4 with 1,140,728 votes, Lee Heeseung at No. 5 with 1,137,323 votes, Park Sunghoon at No. 6 with 1,088,413 votes and finally Kim Sunoo as the Producer's Pick while ranking at No. 8. BTS and TXT marked their presence at the final episode with the former even offering some sound advice to the I-LAND trainees before ENHYPEN was officially formed. J-Hope thanked the trainees for their fun performance and given that they will debut soon, he wishes to be good colleagues with them while also hoping that they never forget the "essential, and your beginnings, and what you’ve dreamed of, what you’ve surrendered to be here, and what you should try harder to become a better idol."

Hobi added that they must love music and try hard and be passionate for performance because, with that, he's sure that they will shine more. As for Jimin, the 24-year-old singer won hearts for his humble advice to the trainees. "I don’t know if I’m in the position to give advice but something to think on is never forget your fans and love your members, and your job," ChimChim shared before adding, "I’m sure you’ll have a good outcome. I'll cheer you on."

"Congrats. What I want to say is for those who debuted and those who didn’t, don’t forget this moment and you’ll do whatever you want to. Debut isn’t everything. Don’t forget today and you’ll do anything in the future. I hope to see the day that you perform along with ENHYPEN. Congrats," Jimin concluded after the eliminations and the members of ENHYPEN were announced.

While offering his advice, Jungkook made sure to share his appreciation for the trainees' good performance and even though at first, he couldn't see who would stand out, Kookie picked Jungwon as he thought he was good and impressed him. The Golden Maknae confessed how he reached to the position he currently is in due to his passion and he hopes that the trainees never forget what they feel now and go on as their team name indicates.

Check out BTS' passionate advice to I-LAND trainees below:

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Congratulations, ENHYPEN! We can't wait to see what the boy group will have in store for us!

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Anonymous 4 months ago

Wt ever they do they always think of ARIMES!!!!! We ARIMES r proud of our boys and even I am proud of myself becoz I love them but I have a regret that I started love them little late but I promise to myself that I will never leave them

Anonymous 4 months ago

They are so kind hearted and always think for army I am proud of myself that I stan them