BTS: Jin shares heartbreaking deets about difficult training days; Jimin says new album better than Dynamite

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook opened up about the success of Dynamite, celebrating the milestone with the ARMY, their days during the training, their upcoming album and creating a challenge for youngsters growing up during the COVID-19 crisis.
BTS: Jin shares heartbreaking deets about difficult training days; Jimin says new album better than DynamiteBTS: Jin shares heartbreaking deets about difficult training days; Jimin says new album better than Dynamite
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It has been a memorable couple of weeks for BTS. The international band shattered records and made history with their new solo track Dynamite. While they set new benchmarks for streaming, BTS made history when they debuted at the summit of the Billboard's Hot 100 list. They continued their top streak this week as well. After the Bangtan Boys joined the ARMY in celebrating the milestone, they made their way to the KBS News 9 studio to talk about their success, new album and the ARMY. 

As reported by Soompi, the Bangtan Boys began by talking about Dynamite where they said that the intention of the song was to bring some cheer while the world battles with COVID-19. Suga explained that they wanted to give fans a little bit of strength during these trying times and they are glad about the song's results as they know that the ARMY really enjoyed it. RM chipped in to explain that everyone has different ways to overcome their depression and sadness in a difficult situation. BTS chose a standard medium. "We felt that people needed a sense of happiness and hope that the familiar disco-pop genre brings," he said. 

When the band achieved the Billboard milestone, they joined the ARMY digitally and celebrated. The band said they were grateful that the internet helped them to celebrate with the fans. "When we got No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the first people we wanted to share our feelings with were ARMYs," they said. "When something good like this happens, we want to meet fans directly and hug and cry and laugh with them, but because the current situation is not good, we felt a bit of regret. However, it is an honor to be able to appear on the news and hopefully, the fans will like it as well," they said in another segment of the interview. 

The group went on to open about their struggles when Jin recalled the members ate chicken breasts. "There used to be a limit on what we could eat, but now I can eat whatever I want. I can even eat two pieces of steak if I want," he said. Recalling an incident from the band's training days, Seokjin said there was an episode when bananas went rotten and fruit flies surrounded the fruit. The members pulled out vacuum cleaners to catch the flies. When asked what has changed today, V said that lunchboxes have changed, leaving everyone smiling. 

Jimin chipped in to add that the band's mindset has changed over the years. "If we were impatient and resolved at all costs in the past, we are a bit more relaxed now," he said before Jungkook assured that the band's attitude towards music and work hasn't changed. They still continue to work hard. And it is evident. Today, they have fans from all across the globe who adore them for their music and hard work, and the ARMY continues to further grow. Taehyung shared that his family’s acquaintances told the family that they are now ARMY. 

BTS serves as a perfect example of teamwork. Just recently, when Billboard announced that Dynamite continued to hold the top spot, they reaffirmed that teamwork can move mountains. Seokjin explained the band is glued together due to no formal reservations among the members. "None of us tried to enforce a strong sense of discipline. I think that’s why we have great teamwork. We always have meetings and share our own opinions," he said. J-Hope chipped in to add that the band has come this far because the members "respect each other and are considerate of each other.”


Namjoon joined in and said, "We’re on the same boat but looking in different directions. The seven of us are different because we grew up in different backgrounds and like different things. It’s fine as long as we recognize we’re in the same boat. Like family, like partners, I think that keeping an appropriate distance and a sense of mutual respect and trust are the keys to good teamwork.”

Shifting gears to discuss their new album, Mochi assured that the songs of the album will be better than Dynamite. "We have songs that are as good as and even better than ‘Dynamite,’ so I hope that fans will look forward to it. This is a bit ambitious, but I hope that the entire album can get into the Hot 100 this time," ChimChim said. 

JK added that the members have worked hard on the production of the album. We've seen the members sharing regular updates about the project via VLives and other platforms. With each member tasked to contributing in numerous ways, apart from just music, we are as excited as the ARMY to know what the band has in store for us. 

While we wait, Yoongi said eyes are set on the Grammys now. The rapper said he hopes that the band is nominated at the upcoming Grammys and is presented an opportunity to perform solo. The band debuted on the Grammys stage this year but they were a part of Lil Naz's act. "I don’t know if I can say as much, but if we can get nominated… I really would like it," Suga said. 

The news anchor then asked the band if they could create a challenge that could help youngsters growing up in the trying times of COVID-19, Taehyung shared that people could take up the "dream challenge". He said, "This is just a personal thought, but there’s a lot of things that people can’t do because of COVID-19. I think that it would be nice to write or express the first thing we want to do after COVID-19 ends. It’s like a ‘dream challenge.'”

So what would be your "dream challenge"? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Mochi? Chim Chim? You mean Jimin, right...LOL

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

But still we made bts lose to la de rey someone and he or she won over bts because of less vote given to bts what were you guys doing sleeping bts lost in first round on billboard you fools

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

My dream is to become a kpop idol

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

My dream challenge is to see bts

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Ofcourse my dream challenge would be to meet the members as early as possible!! I'am sooooooo proud of them...Luv u BTS...4ever...

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

they are great

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

The men (yes I said men) of BTS are extraordinary. They are talented yet humble, kind in the face of adversity and after such a very long time of being together seem to get along despite their many differences. Here is wishing them many more years of continued success. I hope the world can get a clue from these remarkable human beings and love all things and if you can’t then just agree to disagree and go on with your life without hate or malice. The world would be such a better place if we could all lead by their example. Three cheers to BTS. I’d tip my hat to you if I wore one lol

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