BTS Map of the Soul ON:E Day 1 Updates: BTS ends day 1 with emotional We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal act

BTS is ready to take the ARMY on a roller coaster ride with Map of the Soul ON:E concert. Today marks the first day of the event. Check out the live updates below.
BTS Map of the Soul ON:E Day 1 Live UpdatesBTS Map of the Soul ON:E Day 1 Live Updates: RM, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook to bring the house down
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The day has finally arrived. BTS is all set to bring the house down with their Map of the Soul ON:E concert. The two-day event will see the Bangtan Boys perform their latest album Map of the Soul: 7 while their fandom, BTS ARMY, join them virtually from across the world. The teasers featuring RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook promise a memorable weekend is in the making. To top it off, Big Hit Entertainment issued a press note to reveal that the event is eight times bigger than the Bang Bang Con: The Live, production value per se. 

Pinkvilla will be attending the first day of Map of the Soul ON:E and we are eager to see what BTS has in store for the fandom. Check out the live updates below.

9:30 PM KST/6:00 PM IST: We are Bulletproof! 

BTS drew the curtains with an emotional performance on We are Bulletproof: The Eternal. With balloons covering the venue featuring the ARMY from different parts of the world, the Bangtan Boys bow down and shower the ARMY with love. 

9:15 PM KST/5:45 PM IST: Jimin breaks down and so does the ARMY: 

BTS wraps up the first day of their two-day concert with some emotional words. While Jungkook asked if the ARMY received BTS' gifts well, J-Hope said that they made the setlist as a present for the fandom. BTS ARMY member Soo Choi translated his statements. "I feel good 80% because we could make stages and show to you but we can't show it in person so 20% is still sad about it," Hobi said.  

Just as we were holding ourselves well, Jimin opened all the floodgates when he couldn't stop himself from breaking down. According to a translation by AllKPop, Mochi said, "I wasn't focused on the encore performance, but there were a lot of things I felt were unfair before preparing for the concert. When COVID-19 became widespread, I wanted to perform with the members more than anything and hang out with you all and be happy. I don't know why we have to go through this." 

He added, "Thank you so much for sending us all your hopes beyond the screen. I don't know if everything we prepared to show you have been delivered to you, but I hope it has been delivered to you. I'm grateful to ARMY for always supporting us." Jungkook thanked everyone for he could see and hear them digitally. He confessed he was happy that they could host the concert and urged fans to wear a mask. Seokjin confessed he didn't think that MotS ON:E would feel like a real concert but seeing the ARMY through the screens, he feels good and happy. He said that this is just half the happiness. He will 100 per cent happy when the septet meets the ARMY in real. 

Taehyung echoed similar emotions when he said he wished there was an in-person concert. However, he's glad to see ARMY faces this way and feels he's with them even if he's not physically with them. Yoongi also added that he misses the ARMY. Namjoon concluded, "We will march together, BTS is not just 7 people but you, me and us." 

9:00 PM KST/5:30 PM IST: BTS lights it up like Dynamite! 

Namjoonie, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hobi, ChimChim, Taehyung and Kookie had everyone's attention when they began their journey to the end of the show with several insane performances. They dropped jaws with their performances of DNA, Dope and No More Dream. I bow down to the production team behind the three performances. They not only worked around the physical sets but also incorporated digital setups to deliver mind-blowing performances. Dope was especially well, dope! 

BTS then got their hands on the ARMY bomb and dressed down for the final three performances. They had the curtain call to Butterfly, Run and Dynamite. 

8:30 pm KST/5:00 pm IST: V and his mini-V are damn cute! 

V brings out the Inner Child and he's isn't alone. Taehyung croons the song seated on a carousel while a mini-V was seated with him on the ride. As the duo take a ride together, the singer had us swelled up with tears with his angelic performance. The emotional performance was followed by Hobi's peppy performance on Outro: Ego. J-Hope rides on high-end cars while he left ARMY grooving at the comfort of their homes. Hobi and TaeTae are reunited with the other Bangtan Boys to perform on Boy With Luv. From Boy In Luv to Boy With Luv, we've felt all kinds of emotions in between the two performances! Phew!

8:20 pm KST/4:50 pm IST: My Time/Filter/Moon

Jungkook takes on the stage with MY TIME and we cannot help but wonder how can someone look so hot. JK travelling through the various sets while a version of the clock followed him. BTS sure knows how to put a show! Jimin follows with Filter. What a class act! While Jungkook played around with minimal props, Jimin was seen dancing with a white hat while background dancers gave him company. He mesmerises you by dancing with his coat before he rips out of the black and white suit to sport a red outfit. 

Seokjin arrives on the moon! King Moon Jin delivers an out of this world performance on the moon. No, he really takes is out of the world. He is seen standing on a revolving on a moon with a huge rose installed on it. Art installations replicating the solar system are placed to enhance the visuals. 

8:05 PM KST/4:35 PM IST: 

After the two stunning performances, the rappers of the septet - RM, Suga and J-Hope - came out to perform UGH! On the other hand, Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook dressed in white to sing 00:00. Honestly, I can't breathe! 

8:00 pm KST/4:30 pm IST: Suga and Jimin, what an Interlude: Shadow and Black Swan performance!

The Black Swan performance has sent shivers down my spine. The septet incorporated an extended instrumental using just the violin that takes the already beautiful song a notch higher. If that wasn't enough, Jimin took over the stage and blew our mind with a mesmerising solo act. Big Hit Entertainment is delivering a visual treat, ladies and gentlemen. The emotionally powered performance came moments after Suga delivered an eerie Interlude: Shadow performance.

7:40 PM KST/4:10 PM IST: We miss you too, BTS

After setting the stage on fire, literally, the members stopped to talk to the ARMY. As translated by BTS ARMY members Soo Choi and Doolset, the members confessed they were happy to meet fans, even if was digital. RM began by introducing BTS and welcomed them to the Map of the Soul ON:E. He passed the buck to J-Hope introduced himself with his trademark lines, " I’m your hope, you’re my hope, everyone, my name is J-Hope!" before adding that it has been a long time since they met the ARMY. The spotlight was then on Jimin who confessed he wasn't aware that there were screens installed that would allow them to see a few fans. "It’s great to see you. We prepared hard for today, so I hope you have a great time! I missed you," Mochi said before Jungkook took over and confessed his heart is pounding. 

Jin greeted the ARMY with his iconic flying kiss before he said he has been eager about doing the flying kiss. Suga kept it simple by telling he was happy to meet the ARMY. Taehyung took over to confess he was sad that he wouldn't be able to meet the ARMY in person. "But I’m happy that I can see you on the screen at least. We have a lot to show you at today’s concert, so please expect a lot," TaeTae said. 

7:30 pm KST/4 pm IST: Namjoonie for President ya'all! 

BTS brings out the Intro: Persona with Namjoon oozing the presidential vibes as he takes the podium to drop his insane rap. RM for President? Yes, please! Also, for those not watching, there was a burning mic hanging above Namjoonie's head which had us on the edge for a few minutes. But then Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook joined RM to take us back into time with Boy With Luv. It was truly a fiery performance! 

7:10 pm KST/3:40 PM IST: ON or NO! 

After revisiting the group's iconic songs, BTS kicked off the event with the performance of ON. They recreate a few moments from the MV via animation and added the ARMY cheering before they march on to the sets with a troop and kick off the concert with a performance of ON. Big Hit wasn't lying about the scale. It looks MASSIVE! Also, the drummer squad brings back memories from BTS' performances on numerous television shows. Big Hit also brought back the humongous cliff set up from the OG ON video to elevate the performance. 

They went on to surprise the ARMY with the performance of NO. BTS has us in shock as they bring We Are Bulletproof! 

7:00 PM KST/3:30 IST: And it begins! 

One of the most anticipated BTS weekend in months, Map of the Soul ON:E has begun and the ARMY is showering purple love on the members. They join the members live to celebrate their music after four long months.  

6:30 PM KST/3:00 PM IST: Warm-up done right! 

Ahead of the anticipated performance, BTS went back to the basics and streamed their songs No More Dream, NO, I NEED YOU, Run, and more! On the other hand, Taehyung and Mochi announce D-Day with photos on Twitter while Hobi hypes up the concert on Weverse. 

6:00 PM KST/2:30 PM IST: Digital doors open!

The streaming link on BTS' KISWE is live and ARMY members signed up for the concert have begun flocking in. Fans have an option to opt for six screens, as Big Hit previously revealed. Have you logged in yet?  

5:15 PM KST/1:45 PM IST: Purple Love 

Did you hear about the ARMY bombs placed on the chairs at the venue where BTS will be performing tonight? Well, photos have surfaced online to reveal that Big Hit Entertainment has placed ARMY bombs on empty chairs and it looks like the venue will turn purple even as though the ARMY is physically there. If this doesn't leave you sobbing, we don't know what will! Check out the complete story here: Map of the Soul ON:E: BTS fans emotional AF after photos of chairs with ARMY bombs at concert venue surface

4:30 PM KST/1 PM IST: It's D-Day of Map of the Soul ON:E!

Brace yourselves for BTS is here to take you through a memorable journey this weekend! The Bangtan Boys have been counting down to Map of the Soul ON:E, just like the ARMY, and teasing an unforgettable fan fair. Earlier this wee, Big Hit Entertainment shared a press note to reveal that Map of the Soul ON:E will be eight times bigger than Bang Bang Con: The Live. The release revealed that BTS will per performing on four massive stages. To enhance the experience, the Map of the Soul ON:E concert has incorporated technological features such as AR, XR and 4K/HD. The ARMY will also be treated to a “multi-view live streaming” that displays six multi-view screens from which fans can select their favourite one. 

Are you ready for Map of the Soul ON:E? We know we are!

Check out the concert teasers while we wait for the concert to begin: 

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Where was BTS concert online ? In youtube or weverse or what

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There were 115 million watching live

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Not true. The number showed on the screen was NOT the number of viewerS, but how many times Army bombs were tapped. We are still waiting for official report. Many articles have not done the research properly. Which is ashamed.

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BTS jimin Jim RMJHopajungkook

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