BTS member V aka Taehyung has a SAVAGE reply to an ARMY member saying her dream is to marry him

Updated on Aug 19, 2020 08:49 PM IST  |  9.1M
BTS member V aka Taehyung has a SAVAGE reply to an ARMY member saying her dream is to marry him
BTS member V aka Taehyung has a SAVAGE reply to an ARMY member saying her dream is to marry him

Looks like BTS member V is taking his Entertainment Manager title on Weverse very seriously as he continues to interact with ARMY even though BTS have a tightly packed schedule this month with their new single Dynamite releasing on Friday, i.e. August 21. In a recent series of posts, Taehyung asked ARMY members who don't have a dream or a desired occupation to reveal their name, hobbies and what they like to study so that he can recommend a job to them.

When one ARMY member revealed her hobby to be sports and that she likes studying 7%, TaeTae replied she should be an ice hockey player. Another ARMY member shared her hobbies are editing videos or games and that she's doesn't hate studying to which the 24-year-old singer said she should be a pianist. When an ARMY member said she likes to play the piano and likes studying 56% while confessing it's hard to do, the Sweet Night chose her career as a doctor. For another ARMY member whose hobby was taking photos and likes studying 60%, V said her career should be a video/film director. For an ARMY member who likes to counsel her friends in trouble and likes studying 70-75%, Taehyung chose her career as a private investigator.

Another ARMY member who referred to herself as a princess revealed her hobby is singing princess songs and she likes studying 100% to which V gave the career option of a curator. However, the cherry on top of the cake answer came when an ARMY member shared her dream was to marry Taehyung. TaeTae's savage reply was "It's come out that you don't have a dream yet," via ARMY member @doyou_bangtan's translation.

Another ARMY member who loves the sky but doesn't have hobbies and doesn't like studying while also really wanting to cry, V made her feel better by saying she should be an astronaut. Moreover, an ARMY member revealed her hobby is to think about Suga while seriously believing she will marry Yoongi 100000%. To this, Taehyung quipped, "Your partner is currently in Chungcheongnam-do Province; if you have time, go look for him."

Check out V's hilarious career advice to ARMY below:

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Leave it to Mr. Taehyung to be 'savage, classy, bougie & ratchet'!


Anonymous : hes so nice :)
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Anonymous : He is a gentleman.....a funny guy.... Who makes everyone smile....he is the reason of never letting us lose hope...i luv him.....I want to meet him one day....!!✌❤❤
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Anonymous : LOVE YOU BOO!!!
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Anonymous : he is the cutest but at the same time savage.. i loVe him too much
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Anonymous : Savage TAE!
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