BTS members crash RM aka Namjoon's birthday V Live as Suga hilariously plays the guitar for the Bangtan leader

RM hosted a birthday V Live session a while back and crashing the party was his BTS bandmates sans V. From Jungkook's look of adoration to Suga hilariously playing the guitar for Namjoon, check out the highlights from the Bangtan leader's birthday mini-celebration below.
BTS members crash RM aka Namjoon's birthday V Live as Suga hilariously plays the guitar for the Bangtan leader
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RM celebrates his 26th birthday today, i.e. September 12, 2020, and much to the delight of BTS ARMY, the Bangtan leader hosted a birthday V Live session which was immediately crashed by his BTS members. As per fellow ARMY member @doyou_bangtan's translation, arriving first with two cakes were J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook. The boys sang Happy Birthday and were seen happily swaying around from left to right after Namjoon blew out the candles. Moreover, Jin, who had just woken up joined the party as well before Suga, with a guitar in hand, hilariously started playing and singing Happy Birthday which had Joonie and the members laughing out loud. V wasn't present as he was sleeping.

Before leaving the room, Jungkook made sure to tell ARMY that he misses and loves them. Post the mini-celebration with his bandmates, RM bowed to thank ARMY for their wishes while revealing that he was mostly busy with Japanese show Music Day's schedule and briefly went to meet his parents. Talking about his recent stellar physique which had ARMY and even BTS members going gaga, Namjoon confessed that he has been earnestly working out since the past two months back and is now focusing on weights instead of pilates. There was a time when his shoulder was hurt as he did 70kgs on the barbells and accidentally dropped it. Given how the Moonchild rapper had a habit of rotating his shoulder, even though he wanted to work out, he wasn't able to work out for a long time. He began contemplating it six months ago.

The BTS leader confessed that he has a couple of friends who keep him updated whenever something's trending within the fandom. Joonie also reacted to his viral gym trainer meme quipping that his body isn't as good as a gym trainer. He further joked that his body hasn't grown twice the size as it's only the tee he wore underneath that was a little too small for him. Through working out, RM has realised how difficult it is to grow one's body. His plan is to make his body better by early-mid next year. Currently, Namjoon is only reading painting/artist books and is trying to read novels as well but then he sets his heart to begin the next one for a month. As for BTS' new album, Joonie shared that they're working on it and will immediately change the topic out of fear of giving away spoilers. When an ARMY member joked that the Intro: Persona rapper is her husband, he quipped, "Husband, that's good. My side. Someone else's side," in reference to how my side/your side sounds similar to husband in Korean.

RM shared that he's been listening to old stuff while mentioning Bob Dylan songs, his idol Nas' new album King Disease, Aimer's Ref:rain, Autumn Holiday's The World Is Like a Handkerchief, Lee Sora's Eyebrow Moon, Kim Oki's new album Yun Hyong-keun. When an ARMY member asked for the best way to diet, Namjoon advised to eat less and do lots of cardio. Joonie also spoke about his blue hair in Dynamite which he called a bright song while crediting his parents for a strong scalp before adding how he bleached his hair about eight times and doesn't recommend ARMY to do such colours. Moreover, RM would like to try and perm his hair like Jungkook but is unable to because his hair isn't in good condition as he's never leaving it alone. If he tried to perm his hair, it would melt.

When an ARMY member asked Namjoon if he hurt his leg in the latest episode of In the SOOP BTS ver., Joonie revealed that he may have overdone it while exercising and told the fans not to worry as his legs are totally fine now. RM also admitted that if COVID-19 didn't exist, he would love to visit more art galleries especially Musée d'Orsay in Paris, France.

On a habit he used to have, the Bangtan leader disclosed that he used to twist his wrists a lot but he doesn't do that anymore. As for recommendations on what to watch, Namjoon once again said The Good Place. As an ending note, Joonie told ARMY that BTS has to reunite with them after the coronavirus ends and hug each other, look at each other's eyes and make some noisy stuff loudly. He asked the fandom to stay healthy and even though it was a busy birthday, it was made special thanks to ARMY, especially with Dynamite's No. 1 ranking on Billboard Hot 100 for two consecutive weeks.

"As always, we will be working hard on doing the things we can in the place we're in, so though I don't know what situation you're currently in, I trust that there is something that you can do, and I'd like for you to work as hard as possible," RM concluded and added, "And even if you don't work as hard as possible, this is a period where it's hard enough to endure, so let's make sure to pray that it will get better and let's try to push through this time - this winter - and go to the spring day together," via @doyou_bangtan's translation.

Check out highlights from Namjoon's birthday V Live below:

We adore this man and how!

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Happy Birthday, Namjoon!

Anonymous 7 months ago

where was taehung in the live

Anonymous 7 months ago

Happy Birthday Oppa, many more years to come in good health

Anonymous 7 months ago

Happy Birthday Oppa, Many more years to come in good health

Anonymous 7 months ago

Happy birthday Namjoon ..... I live in Greece and am sending you lots of sunshine for your birthday gift...stay well stay safe .....